January 28, 2022

My man is gone for yet another initiation:

49 days in solitude are ahead of him.

It may seem crazy: 49 days… that’s almost 2 months.
2 month is a long time to be apart!

During the last 2 years we have not been apart for more a few days.

What may happen to me during these two months?
What may happen to him?..

I don’t know.
But I know that there was no part of me that was opposing his decision.

He will be sitting in silence in the embrace of the Eternity doing nothing but meditating for 49 days. This means: silencing the mind, resting as the being, confronting his inner demons, liberating himself from the grip of the old patterns, getting washed by the light of pure Awareness, experiencing profound states of Consciousness, being confronted by the mind… and all other things that come with meditating, for 49 days, while being in very basic conditions.

Meditation is about maturing as a soul in the human body. It is about growing in Consciousness. It is about becoming free.

Ultimately, meditation is about remembering yourself as God.

So how could I ever be opposed to my man doing this?

I will certainly be confronted by many things. He won’t be next to me when I will be sad. He won’t be there to support me when I will feel conflicted. He won’t romance me and take me out on dates…

So, I’ll have to be the one to do all this for myself and organise my infrastructure so it supports me.

In the end of it we will reunite with even more clarity, consciousness and love for each other.

Because love and freedom are forever one.


I can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us, my love! May your journey be filled with existence, consciousness and bliss.

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