April 14, 2020

Maybe you are happy to be together with your intimate partner now and are taking time to nourish your bubble and bathe in its sweetness. ⠀

Maybe you feel total absence of sex drive. Maybe you feel guilty or ashamed because of it.⠀

Maybe you don’t have a partner and this makes you sad and lonely.⠀

Maybe you don’t have a partner but you have yourself and you are feeling content and at ease with it all.⠀

Wherever you are at, know this: you are not alone. Many people are experiencing high levels of stress and uncertainty right now. Even if it’s not you, you may be picking on the energy of the collective, because we all feel each other. And that’s ok.⠀

I find that this is a precious time that we are given by life: everything and everyone has s l o w e d  d o w n. ⠀

To me it’s a time to reassess my life, tune into what REALLY matters and how to nourish that.⠀

What is clear is that my r e l a t i o n s h i p s is the most precious thing to me. Hence I am inspired to share tools that will help you nurture yours.⠀

Over the next days, on my social media channels, I will offer you 5 practices that you can do as a couple, that will help deepen in intimacy and nurture you in your preferred way to receive and express love.⠀

5 Love languages is a map created by Gary Chapman, author of a book with the same title, they are: ⠀

✨Physical touch,⠀
✨Words of affirmation,⠀
✨Quality time,⠀
✨Acts of service.⠀

I will share one simple practice for each love language that you can do with your beloved, starting tomorrow. You will love them all!⠀

Now, what if you are like me and your sweetheart is not next to you right now? Fear not, my friend – in our age of technology we still can do ALL these practices! ⠀

And if you are single? Time to nurture your inner couple! I wrote a lot about inner man and inner woman (just see relationships section on my blog)! You can (and should!) do all these practices on yourself.

Art by @tinamariaelena

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