May 9, 2018

Let me tell you something:

You have a dark side. Without it you simply would not be a human.

At first you may resist accepting your darkness, but once you are able to be with it…
Your eyes will hurt because of all the light that pours down on you.

Owning our darkness is the best kept secret for being loved like mad.

Because our souls sing when we meet people beyond the societally acceptable
image, when we meet the real people, not the proper or nice ones.

Do you know that you manipulate people to get what you want?
Do you know that you want everyone to serve you?
Do you know that you are addicted to control and want everything to go only the way
you want it?
Do you know that you are a demanding princess who plays weak to get what she
Do you know that you are judgemental and arrogant?
Do you know that you are using spiritual values to justify your fear?
Do you know that you would rather disconnect than feel the pain in your heart?
Have you met parts of you that like to hurt others?
Have you met parts that can kill?…

Own it.

Set your demons free.
Don’t hide from them.

By owning our shit, we become real.
By being excruciatingly honest we rise, we become spacious.

We become powerful. Our energy is no longer used to repress the darkness. It flows freely.

We awaken.

And once exposed to the light, darkness ceases to be that big of a deal, it
ceases to be shameful. It is simply a part of us, one that exists alongside all
the other parts. It is not terrible, it simply is.

Every time I speak openly about my dark side, people either fall in love or run
away, and fast! 🙂 All to my delight. If someone cannot appreciate my darkness it means
they are not in touch with their own. And I have no interest in spending time with such

The wisdom is in knowing that when someone owns their shadow, they are much less
likely to act out of those shadowy parts. It is when we are unconscious about parts of
ourselves that they tend to take over and rule our life.


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