February 11, 2016

To me there are not many things in life that are as empowering as  a lover who fully embraces my sexual expression. It takes a lover who is sexually free him/herself. Who has dealt with the social conditioning and shame around their own sexuality.

Growing up as women we all received messages that we need to hold back, that we shouldn’t show how much we are attracted to someone, that we need to be reserved, and wait until the man makes the first move.

Even being with people who are quite open sexually I received messages that I needed to somehow hide my sexuality, that it is bad if someone sees me naked, that I should be a bit less loud, a bit less expressive and desire way less.

All these messages, sometimes subtle, sometimes very loud are coming from a shamed and conditioned place within the people who are sending these messages out.

It is incredibly liberating and empowering to be with a lover who accepts your sexuality fully, who encourages you to be always more, and never – less.

These lovers become our light workers, our most intimate healers… They help us heal any remaining shame around our sexual expression. These lovers are the lovers of god within us.

And these lovers will save the world.

Once we feel that there is no need to hold back, once we fully accept our sexually insatiable nature, once we are free to express our desire… a vast space opens up.

Suddenly sexuality stops being something done only behind closed curtains. Sexuality becomes what it truly is – a powerful force, an expression of deep intimacy, a natural expression of our essence.

We suddenly become real.
We suddenly become divine.


And this is to my divine lover:

I want to melt into you.

I want to fully surrender to you.

I offer you my heart.

I offer you my yoni.

I give myself to you, completely…
I desire you.
I desire god in you.

I can’t help but fantasise about your gorgeous hands on my naked body.
I cannot help but dream of your tongue gently touching my lips and then making its way into my mouth with passion…
I cannot help but feel my yoni opening imagining your naked body against mine.
I cannot help but fantasise about your lingam and that unique chemistry that happens when our two bodies unite…

Tenderness and edge.
Softness with a warning.
Masks drop before we know it.
Fears, inhibitions, insecurities vanish into fire.
Just thinking of you makes me melt.

I want to feel you from the inside.


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