June 22, 2021

Inner masculine in women can be a hard shell: overachiever, overcontroller… scared of feeling deeply…

When we recognise that the feminist movement (that offered a world of possibilities to women) liberated us into… our masculine, but not the feminine, we start seeing it as THE bad thing.

The next step: women start awakening the “Goddess within”, and “unleashing the wild woman”, which is absolutely necessary to shake off that hard shell…

However, it won’t take too long until we hear these “Goddesses” blaming men saying that there are “no conscious men out there”, and demanding from them to “show up”, but in fact these are just princesses throwing tantrums.

What is missing is the mature inner masculine.

Without the mature inner masculine all the “Goddess”, “Priestess” and “wild woman” stuff is just fluff.

Until we can sit with our own pain and darkness, no “conscious man” will be ever revealed to us. No real Life will be revealed to us either.

It’s the mature inner masculine that allows true Goddess to be revealed. It’s him who is the promise that you can be all that you are: the tender, the sensitive, the wild, the erotic and everything in between.

The next session in Come, my Love online course is all about that.

Can’t wait to see what enormous possibilities this will open up to you with that deep dive, my beautiful women!

We are currently half way through, and we’ve done some real deep and important work so far. 🤍

In Sacred Man/Sacred Woman Training next month in Spain we will also be exploring that, we opened space for a couple more women! And we will prioritise those who can bring a Warrior along!

And men… you want to be in the field with women who embody that.

Finally… your feelings, your power and your love will be welcomed, finally… your Gift will be received and you will be invited into the fire and freedom of being You.


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