November 29, 2018

It’s very easy to find sensual images of women.
But so hard to find sensual images of men!
Is it because sensuality is not manly? Is it because men are not supposed to be emotional, to feel, to enjoy their body?
Is a man only supposed to be strong, provide for the feminine, earn money and bring food?
Do we still live in the era of “Boys don’t cry”? That seems to be a very outdated version of what a man is.
I am deeply touched when I see a man’s vulnerable heart. Your tears. Your softness.
I am deeply touched when I see that you allow yourself to feel.
This doesn’t make you any less of a man.
It makes you more. More whole. More real. More embodied. It makes your soul shine through your eyes.
I love seeing that.
And just like yin and yang that empower each other by the law of nature, your softness, when fully allowed, empowers your masculine core.
My online course Pleasure as prayer is all about self-pleasure and it is made for both men and women.
For men it is an invitation to reframe your sexuality and discover new parts of yourself through your erotic being.
I highly encourage men to practice self-pleasure. But not a *normal* type of self-pleasure, that involves fantasizing/watching porn and stimulating your genitals to the point of ejaculation.
I encourage men to discover their whole body as an organ of pleasure, discover new forms of orgasm (there are at least 10 forms of orgasm that men can have!), and that way find expansion of your personal and spiritual potential. (I have also included bonus material: My video and article on Ejaculation Mastery – Tantric and Taoist practice that enables you to choose when you want to ejaculate and whether you want to do it or move into full body orgasm instead).
Join Pleasure as Prayer now – there is already a big and beautiful tribe of people who dare to show up for their pleasure ❤

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