June 10, 2021

Yet there is a difference between “in charge” and “in control.”

Women want to feel you are direct, grounded, present, and awake to consciousness.

The dominating masculine can be extremely sexy and a huge turn on… but in order to be aligned in your divine masculine essence and “dom” her in the way she wants (not only in the bedroom) you must also understand the shadow side of the masculine.

▵ The shadow side of the dominating masculine force is control, selfishness, and aggression.

▵ The shadow masculine is stuck in the mind (disconnected from the heart), and hypersexualizes or objectifies women (disconnected from the true wisdom of your body).

▵ The shadow of the masculine is critical and ultimately is afraid of failure, but projects a “false power” in order to try to hold on and control the situation.

Yet when you hold on tight and fear failure, your woman will not bless you with her deepest gifts.

She will feel caged, and not able to fully share her radiance and sensual pleasure.

When you grip tightly onto a woman, even if your words “sound” spiritual or safe, she will feel your unintegrated shadows of aggression, doubt, and fear. She cannot help it —she is so intuitive. And if she knows you don’t feel safe within yourself, she will not feel safe to blossom into her most juicy feminine expression which you so long for. ☤

When you integrate the shadow masculine AND access the light and dark masculine, you become a whole, integrated Man. You become a King. ♛

She wants you grounded, stable, reliable, intelligent and clear.
She wants you focused on your Purpose.
She wants you to penetrate her with your Love, not your fear.
She wants you always to be present to her heart.
She wants your energy to be penetrative, yet remain heart-centered.

Until we realize we are enough and that we have a great Purpose, we might try to grab onto things that give us a sense of accomplishment. It may well be a person who makes us feel this way… We all do it.

Yet once a Man alchemises the shadow masculine and rises into his true King… ♛ the entire world opens up to Him.

Including Hers. ♡

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