July 2, 2018

This is such an edgy subject for many people. Some feel completely lost and have no idea how to make money. Others are trying all sorts of manifestation practices, that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Some people work really hard with no rest, and don’t even have time to spend the money they make. And some people seem to be very lucky, but in reality usually they are just very smart.

I believe that awake people with great vision are the ones who have to make a lot of money, because these people are the ones who actually know how to use money for the benefit of the planet and humankind, not against it.

I have a radical attitude towards money, that I can summarise in this way:

1. My expenses have to be in alignment with my true purpose.

How do I know when they are aligned? I just know. I don’t trust my mind with the decision-making process, but I know it in my body, I know it in my soul.

2. The more I spend the more I make. (When No. 1 is the case).
Money is nothing but energy, the more you let it flow – the more it flows. The more you hold onto it – the more it gets stuck. The energy of money is very closely linked with sexual energy. In fact, it’s pretty much the same thing.

I don’t spend money on useless shit, all my belongings fit into 2 suitcases.

3. A radical trick that some of my friends utilised and are loving it: if I want something I never look at how much it costs.

If I want something it means I’m going to have it no matter what.

It’s a statement of self worth.

4. Money in itself is never my goal. I need to know what I need money for and how much.

Clarity is a major game changer. This clarity is what helps me know how much I should charge for my work.


Photo by @thesoulnavigator

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