June 29, 2019

I remember attending my first Tantra workshop, there were about 100 people. At first I felt very cautious, I was checking out the people, I was not sure whether I fitted in (of course not!).
The teacher was sharing about the sacredness of our pleasure, of our desires… Of course, it was not all about sex, but the sex part really impacted me. He was saying that we can meet our divinity through sex… I was stunned. I remember thinking to myself: “I have always known this. How could I have forgotten?…” Tantra didn’t feel new. It felt as if it was something I’d known in my bones, yet could never have expressed because… well, because no-one would have understood me!

Fast forward to my first Tantric relationship. I remember lying in bed after the most amazing love making, in tears of gratitude, pleasurable waves continuously spreading through my body… I felt as if there was a fountain of light pouring out of the center of my chest. I felt I was so big, bigger than the house we were in… It went on for what felt like hours… Or was it days? … Then I knew. My life had changed. And there was no way back. That light would never leave.

I had a little tattoo done on my wrist, that was meant to serve as a reminder in case I ever forgot the incredible
beauty that had started permeating my entire life…

The endless beauty of divinity, permeating each and every moment, each and every breath.

I haven’t forgotten.

Life has been very intense lately, chaotic and volatile at times, but no matter what is going on, actually… everything is well. Fundamentally, essentially well. No matter what is going on, I am fundamentally at peace.

I’d love to meet you in this place.

Photo by Katarina Baliova

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