January 6, 2022

“You are a leader and therefore you must…”

“How dare you say this? You have a responsibility, so many people are looking up to you!”, “You must show your fear and anger, else it seems like you are perfect!”, “You must not speak about money, it’s not spiritual!”, “This other leader is so much more _____ than you”, “You shouldn’t charge so much!”, “You need to have more mothering energy.”, “You need to make me feel seen or empowered!”, “You have to make an exception and give a discount/refund.”

Projections on people in leadership positions are the easiest of all. Because we all have stuff to heal when it comes to the very first leaders in our lives – our parents.

So when I receive any kind of opinion from others about what I should or shouldn’t do or say, I know they are not talking to me. They are talking to their caregivers, that they transfer on me.

Here’s the thing:

I am a leader and I’m not here to fit into anyone’s expectation of what it means to be a leader.

As a leader my responsibility is to walk my path in integrity with what I am standing for, with what is Truth for me.

It is my responsibility to show up for the fundamental values of my Life. It is my responsibility to keep growing and modelling what it means to live a Life of integrity. It is my responsibility to uphold my boundaries and standards. It is my responsibility to live a Life that is deeply fulfilling for me and model what is possible. It is my responsibility to trust myself.

I am not here to make you feel recognised, validated, seen or empowered.
I am not here to even help you.
I am not here to give you what your mother or father didn’t…

I am here to hold you to your Greatness.
Not because I think you need that and that without me you will be lost.
But because you may want it.
Because that’s the biggest Gift I have to offer.

It lights me up to see people come ALIVE with me.
I love dancing this cosmic dance together and creating something magnificent – together.
I love walking together with people who choose to show up for the Extraordinary.

If you want to walk with me, side by side – you are welcome.

But I am walking no matter what,
because my path is my Devotion.

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