April 14, 2021

Before offering this mystical tantric work, I was working as a lawyer in Moscow.

I had just graduated from the most prestigious university of Russia and was determined to create what society called “success.”

I was trying to conform to what was expected from me: be pretty (so that men liked me), but not too pretty (so I could still get the approval of women), be smart (so that I got good grades), make good money (so that I could buy endless shoes)…

All of that was about fitting into what society wanted me to be. None of that was about me.

Then one day, I got fired. I had no savings, no plan, and no idea what to do. And just a year before this, my best friend passed away.

All of this combined into the perfect storm. I was experiencing a metaphysical death of all I knew myself to be.

I got depressed. I felt completely lost. I hit rock bottom. 😔

Somewhere in the ruins of my old life, I realized that I couldn’t live like I used to anymore.

I knew I needed to change something at the very core.

I started seeking for something that made sense to me. This search took me to India, then to the jungles of Thailand and Bali, to Australia and later to the desert of California and the mountains of Colombia where I was practicing 6-8 hours of meditation, Hatha and Kundalini yoga and Tantra every day.

I was also undergoing a lot of sexual healing (even though I never thought I needed any). I discovered that orgasmic pleasure was healing me from within and opening me up beyond what I had ever thought was possible.

🗝️ Unlocking my sexual potential was the experience I needed to start living fully and manifesting the life of my dreams. ✨

Now, I am so honored to share this work with the world. I am passionate about helping other people who have accomplished a lot in life, but still feel that they haven’t tapped into their true potential yet.

In my recent Instagram Live, I shared some of my deepest realizations and spiritual awakenings… and how I healed and empowered my sexuality. To re-watch it click here.

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