May 5, 2015

I wonder if you have ever observed the effect of the full Moon on you, on your psyche, on your emotions, your sexuality?..

If you haven’t I do encourage you to pay attention.

If there was only one thing I could tell you straight away about the full Moon I would say it is intense.

It is the time when we are even more emotional that usual, we perceive things more strongly, our sexuality becomes more wild. Statistically there are more accidents around the time of the Full Moon than usual. Life reaches its fullness, its wildness and freedom. It may even seem chaotic.

Yet there is nothing to be scared of. Because this is such a clear reflection of us, women.

Recently I spent 5 months in India. And India has taught me so many things about myself and my femininity. Because just like her I am intense, insane, chaotic, spiritual, beautiful, powerful, sad, angry, pure, impure, intelligent, silly, moony, sunny, artistic, loving, active, passive, driven, quiet, depressive, enthusiastic, feminine, masculine, dangerous and so much more that there is not enough space here in this box to even write down all these things.

Just like her I was not meant to be labeled and boxed. And realizing this is so liberating!

That’s why often I feel a big rejection inside when someone speaks about astrological signs, like: “I am an Aries and that’s why….” or “Oh right she is a Leo, that’s why she is…” Astrology is an incredible tool of self discovery, but not when it is used to label us and keep us small. We are labeled enough.

The only thing we are meant to be is real.

Full Moons are revelatory. And as I am writing this, the Moon is getting fuller every second. This time it is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. And that is one powerful combination.

Full Moon is intense, Scorpio is intense. O-la-la these past few days might not have been easy for you, just as they were for me.

These words by Molly Hall resonate a lot with me:

“Scorpio’s psychic-emotional power is both feared and respected. Releasing something at this Full Moon can feel daunting in some way — like it’s final, no turning back. Scorpio is often called the all-or-nothing sign. If you risk it, and surrender, the rewards are big…”

Same as ever this Full Moon invites us to let go. This time though it implies facing our demons, our darkness, being honest and real about it, seeing our fear, walking through it, embracing the experience, moving on.

Moving on.

Wisdom tells me I am nothing.

Love tells me I am everything.

Between the two my life flows.

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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