A portal is an access point to certain aspects of reality.

The whole new age talk about manifestation doesn’t work for most people because they are not ready for what they are trying to manifest.

There might be old unaddressed wounds that just won’t let us be where we want to be. It is a bit 
like trying to jump higher than our own head.

To attract something, we need to be ready for it

Once a portal opens it feels as if a door in your life is unlocking.

You receive a phone call that changes everything. You discover a remedy that is perfect. You 
overhear a conversation which gives you a revelation. You meet a person who leads you to a number of other synchronistic events…


Patience is always a winning strategy. Sometimes things just have to ripen within…

But yes there are things you can do.

1. Taking on a path of transformation is one big thing. This path should be your commitment. Doing what it takes to support your path should be something non-negotiable.

2. Committing to a practice. Best if the practice is helping you expand spiritually. Even staying in a relationship through it all can be a spiritual practice. Parenting can be a spiritual path. What matters is that the fire of commitment burns in all the places where you are too closely identified with your personality and you are forced to move past your comfort zone.

3. Immersing yourself in high vibrational art. Through music, dance, poetry and visual art we can access profound spaces within. The key is to let the art really touch you and wash over you as you receive or create it.

4. Performing spiritual rituals. It may sound a bit esoteric, but rituals make the veils between realities more transparent.

Rituals help clear 
pathways, because during a ritual you are no longer trapped in the world of personal identity, but you have direct access to your soul.

Much of the 
Priestess School work is done around rituals. We start with a ritual. Everything that follows is either a formal ritual or is held in a temple space.

Photo by David Carvaggio

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