September 22, 2021

The greater is our capacity to be with our own darkness… the greater is our capacity to bear the light that emerges from within our Souls as we walk the path of Dharma.

We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all hurt our own selves, but how we hold our own pain determines our destiny.

Do you avoid pain at all costs and numb yourself with overeating, watching Netflix or endless scrolling?
Or do you collapse when sh*t hits the fan?

Or can you feel the pain and… still walk with an open heart?

It’s far easier to numb ourselves than be with pain and discomfort. But in doing so we also limit our capacity to shine.

So… how to hold your pain?
First of all:

Own it.

Set your demons free.
Don’t hide from them.

By sitting with our darkness and owning it we become real.
By being excruciatingly honest with ourselves and others we rise, we become spacious.

We become powerful.

Our energy is no longer used to repress the darkness. It is flowing freely.

In that… we awaken.

And once exposed to the light, darkness seizes being that big of a deal, it seizes being shameful.
Instead, it becomes what it has always been: simply a part of us, that exists alongside all other parts.

It is not terrible, it simply is.

Look out for people who dare to admit their mistakes, recognize and own their shadow – these brave ones are much less likely to act out of those shadowy parts. It is when we are unconscious about parts of ourselves that they tend to take over and rule our lives.

In the In Service to Love we are descending down into the dark and muddy realms of the unknown… and finding our true power right there. ✧

Photo by @nie.znane.trojmiasto

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