April 15, 2020

In the sparkly embrace of our souls⠀
Since our very first earthly meeting⠀
We dance⠀

It is a fine dance,⠀
A dance of a delectable sensual embrace,⠀
A dance of simplicity and joy of recognition.⠀

At times, it makes us spin through galaxies, ⠀
so cosmic…⠀
At times, it is a horizontal dance… not any less delightful⠀
But usually, its both.⠀

Then, I become the Earth…⠀
Soft, receptive and so loving.⠀
And you bow down in prayer inside and over me.

You leave aside all weapons and kiss my body,
So tenderly…⠀
You kiss the Earth through kissing me.

With every breath and every thrust⠀
You love the Universe through loving me.

And She… ⠀
Humbly, yet with great dignity, is receiving ⠀
The gift of your sweet Devotion, through me.

You ooze the nectar of your gentleness,
It satiates parts of me I never knew existed…⠀
And I cannot get enough of you.

You fire the bullet of your sweetness straight into my heart,
You cover me in honey of your love, ⠀
You bring me down to my knees…⠀

And we begin to pray together… ⠀

We are praying really really hard…⠀

And you are ruthless, ⠀
You keep showing up, relentlessly and you keep pressing into me…⠀
I am captivated, melted and completely drenched in our sacred waters.
Yet, that’s not enough for you,
You won’t let go.
Until I can’t help but

And merge in totality of ecstatic union ⠀
With you.⠀

Art: @tinamariaelena

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