September 8, 2019

Priestess is not a title or a superior position. Priestess refers to a state of alignment.

Just like the word “Goddess” and the word “Tantra”, the word “Priestess” is largely being misused.

This happens when people that have only limited understanding and awareness of what these terms actually mean start using these words.

Words are very powerful when they help shape consciousness.

Words are very limiting when we get attached to them, ignoring the energy that is behind them.

Words can create and empower as much as they can confuse.

So what does the word “Priestess” mean?

It’s a state of living in inner alignment with the Highest Truth and one’s Supreme Destiny.

It comes together with a capacity to detect when one gets off track and starts wearing blinders, and is living in a projection of reality. It comes together with a radical choice to keep peeling off layers of masks and protection. It comes together with a radical choice to Surrender to the Divine.

When you purify clogged energy, you become more truthful and you have the capacity to show who you really are. Until then your being is perceived through a prism. A prism of limiting somebody-ness.

To embody the archetype of Priestess one must cultivate discernment, will and a state of egolessness.

Egolessness stands for a capacity to be totally empty. It is a special state of consciousness in which personal gain or loss moves aside.

Only then can something truly Great take place.

Only then it becomes possible to truly serve the evolution of humankind and collective healing. This is what the Priestess is here for. And this is not only joy, but a profound privilege.

That’s what women are trained in over the modules of the Priestess School.

Many discoveries and revelations take place, in which students learn a lot of techniques of energetic alchemy and mastery. However deep down, the true work is about coming back into alignment.

The true work is about coming back home to the heart of Truth.

And then true Service begins.

If this is up your alley, the next chance to join us is this February in Bali.

We might have a space for you.

Feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions.


Photo by Jodie DS

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