March 31, 2021

My work is a bridge between the raw Human existence and Divine light of Truth. It offers a Path that empowers people to recognise themselves as Love.

So how come so many people think my work is about s.ex?

Because I don’t avoid s.ex. I speak about it openly, without any reservations. And that’s what captivates people more than anything else.

Is it because no-one is neutral about s.ex? Because s.ex for everyone is either a source of suffering or something they just cannot get enough of?


Or rather it is because s.exual energy is the source of life.

It’s the most potent energy there is.

By going into it, directly, with full presence, with clear mind and heart… we can expand beyond what we’ve ever known possible. We can realize who we have always been:

Pure. Eternal. Love.

I know it takes a readiness to go there.

If it’s not your time yet – it’s ok.

But if it is… let’s fly, darling!

I will welcome you with open arms into the world of Next Level YOU.

Liberation into Orgasm is the first in-person Training I’m running this year – you can apply and register by checking out my Events.🤩

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