June 9, 2021

Releasing past relationships and clearing past partners from the womb is a part of magnetising a partner that is truly aligned with your soul. ♛

When the infinite space within the womb is cleared, a woman becomes available to Life + she lives in a space of limitless possibilities.

Yet many women who have done deep work on themselves wonder why they have not yet attracted a man of their caliber… there are many components to this, but often there the old energies of past lovers are still woven into them on the level of the womb and on subtle levels of the heart.

Ancient wisdom teaches that the womb holds memories of past partners for at least 7 years (if not all her life), and if this energy is not faced and cleared, it can manifest as similar relationship patterns repeating in the woman’s life.

After uncoupling with someone, it can sometimes take months or even years to get back on track again and feel in alignment with the River of your life or your Highest Destiny. ☤

When you are with someone who cannot truly see you, you may appear distorted to yourself for some time, even after the separation.

This happens because you’ve been looking too long into a mirror that couldn’t give you a correct reflection. ⠀
You started to believe that you were what the other person saw.

Even if you were in a conscious relationship with your partner, it can take time to fully grieve and release not only the past relationship, but also the potential future vision you held in your wombspace which is no longer coming to fruition (or being birthed).

Clearing your womb, nurturing your heart and aligning with your feminine power is what releases these lovers — not through bypassing, but through Love and commitment to soul alignment and to Life herself.

♡ I am so excited to dive deeper into sacred feminine teachings on my online course Come, My Love which is happening now! ♡

Photo by @ripewild

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