September 22, 2021

Money is such an edgy subject for many.
Almost as edgy as the topic of s.x.
Some feel completely lost and have no idea how to make money without selling their souls. Others say that money is dirty and people who have money are bad. Others are trying all sorts of manifestation practices, that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Some people work really hard with no rest, and still don’t make enough money. Others don’t have time to spend the money they make.

And some people seem to be very lucky: they make a lot of money doing what they love and serving big… but in reality usually these have done a lot of inner work, and have been bold enough to try.

I believe that awake people with great Vision are the ones who should make a lot of money, because these people are the ones who actually know how to use money for the benefit of the planet and humankind, not against it.

If you are one of such people and you don’t make any money, I really would love for you to get empowered and change this!

And how?

✧ By purifying the meaning of money.
✧ By getting clear on ways in which you sabotage your own prosperity.
✧ By expanding your capacity to receive and hold money.

All of that will happen during today’s call of Moved by Grace masterclass!

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