Sundari Mystery Immersions

to Ecstasy

An in-person retreat to harness your erotic energy to achieve expanded states of consciousness and embody the Next Level You

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True freedom in this human form  means being open to Life, as Life. It means fully embracing the fact that we are sexual beings. Sexual energy is the creative energy of the Universe, it is the fundamental force that moves us all. By harnessing this Force in you, you are becoming a master of all areas of your Life.

Erotic freedom means resting in the most natural, open, expanded state of Being.

~Sofia Sundari

This Immersion is for you if:

  • You want to experience profound spiritual awakening
  • You want to take your experience of Life and embodied intimacy to next level
  • You want to claim your space as the Creator of your own Reality
  • You want to become a part of a global community of awakened change makers
  • You want to feel at ease with yourself and in your element in the world of relationships

Ecstasy is in fact our most natural state

In my bestselling book: Liberation into Orgasm, I write that Orgasm is in fact our most natural state. It means that you could always be in a state of orgasm if you were not blocking it.

During Return to Ecstasy Immersion, you will go on a deep transformational journey of regaining the natural eroticism and orgasmicness of your body. Liberating inherent ecstasy is not only essential for you to become fully embodied and alive as the real You, nor is it only vital for your lover, for whom you become a gateway into Infinity.

Your ecstatic being becomes an instrument that brings harmony and balance into the whole world.

What else to expect:

  • Powerful embodiment practices
  • Releasing tensions and limiting emotional patters and behaviors, stored in the body
  • Cultivating deep self worth and inner power
  • Harnessing your erotic energy to achieve your next level of expansion of consciousness
  • Increasing the pleasure potential of your body
  • Erotic re-patterning
  • Re-aligning with your natural essence as a man and woman
  • The Cosmic Orgasm and the dance of the Masculine and Feminine
  • Discovering the Divine in the denseness of Life
  • Practice of Quantum manifestation (it works!) ⚡️
“Ecstasy arises through the experience of total connectedness with Life. We are ecstatic when we are feeling fully alive. And Life shifts, Life moves, and we are designed to move with it, with all of it!”
~Sofia Sundari
Expansion of consciousness experienced in the body is the greatest ecstasy that Existence can offer us.

The way to it is not through cathartic releases (although those may happen as you are liberating trapped energy from your body), but through a profound relaxation of the nervous system. Such a state is achieved through the experience of safety that remains completely foreign to most people their entire lives. In this Immersion you will have the chance to experience that.

You will also experience connection with yourself and others from a place of freedom, rather than conditioning. You will taste a flavour that you will never be able to “untaste” … the flavour of your expanded, liberated Heart.

You will find yourself in a big soul family of beautiful people who will be welcoming you into your raw beauty, invincible vulnerability and depth of power.

Note for couples:
Experience proves that this Immersion supports couples in a unique way, bringing a whole new level of depth and freshness to their Union.
Couples are encouraged to do all the practices with each other.

Your Facilitator

The immersion is held by international transformational leader Sofia Sundari.


I am an entrepreneur, a mentor and a transformational leader with a focus on spirituality, leadership and embodied intimacy.

Since 2012 I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book and created a dozen of online courses all on the subject of empowered living, leadership and embodiment. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Immersions, the host of Boundless Love podcast and CEO of my 7 figure brand.

Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my programs. They claim that my Work has transformed their Lives and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

Russian born, I now live in Portugal.



What is it like working with Sofia?

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Martin, United Kingdom

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Heather, Mauritius

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Bambos, Netherlands

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You will walk away with a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence, rooted in your inner truth. Ready to create your Next Level Life.


We are lodging at Monte Velho Retreat Centre

Price & Payment

Immersion Fee

Price includes Food and Accommodation
– We are housed in simple shared accommodation (in double, triple and quadruple rooms) embedded in the stunning natural surroundings of the retreat centre.

*If you prefer single occupancy please inquire via email. In case of availability, there will be an extra charge for that.

Immersion schedule:

On 17th of April registration opens at 4 PM (WEST, Portugal) and Immersion starts at 5 PM.

On April 24th Immersion ends at 12 PM (WEST).


*We offer a limited number of partial scholarships for Portuguese citizens. If you are interested in the possibility of getting it please mention that in your application.

Single Payment
Pay all at once
Installment Payments
You can pay via bank transfer or via PayPal. Attendees are responsible for the transaction fees.
Applications are closed until we announce the new dates for the Immersion.
Cancellation policy

Please read our Cancelation Policy before applying. We are financially responsible for the Immersion program, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

COVID - 19 UPDATE: In case we need to cancel the retreat due to Covid-19, a 100% refund will be issued to all participants.

PLEASE NOTE: This retreat is NOT a professional training and doesn’t grant the permission to participants to facilitate this work.
Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to send us an email here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come with a partner?

No, this Immersion is suitable for both singles and couples. If you come as a couple you will do all the partnered practices together and it will not only provide profound support for your individual lives but your relationship will also progress to a new level.

Is it Immersion that is suitable for beginners in this line of work?

Yes. Be prepared for it to create an intense transformation for you, so please come committed to staying open even through discomfort.

I’ve been into personal development/meditation/Tantra/shamanism for a while now, is this Immersion still a good fit for me?

Yes, it is a good fit. If you feel a resonance with the energy, don’t hesitate to join. Although open for “beginners”, this is not a beginners’ Immersion.

I am pregnant - can I still attend?

Yes, absolutely. This would be a beautiful gift not only to you but also to your future child. We love having pregnant women.

I look different to most of the people in your photos (in terms of age, skin colour, body mass, etc.); can I attend or will I feel like an outcast?

10 years of experience prove that who you are in your personal life has little significance when you come into the space of transformation. We’ve had people from all walks of life, all sizes, all races, all ages (from 17 to 72). You are very welcome to join.

I’m not in a great state of health. Can I join?

Please indicate your health issues clearly in your application. Although this Immersion is a very healing experience, it is not therapy. If you have serious mental and psychological issues, we advise you to seek professional help first.

Will I have to get out of my comfort zone during the Immersion?

Sofia’s approach and presence are incredibly soft and gentle. Yet, she will invite you to “stretch” and get out of your comfort zone, because that’s where growth occurs. You will never be forced to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. You can choose not to participate in certain practices. And your choice will be respected.

Will there be nudity and will I have to get naked?

There may or may not be nudity during the immersion. However, each participant is encouraged to go only as far as it feels correct.

I'd love to join, but the price is way out of my range

Please check out our payment plan options which are specially for those who have a strong intention to join but can't pay the full price all at once. Also keep in mind that there is no rush for you to join now. If you feel that you can't wait to make this shift in your life and this work is exactly what you need right now - we trust that you will find a way to join. There are limitless possibilities available and sometimes we need to tap into them to receive what we want.

How can I secure my spot for the Immersion?

Once the first installment or the full fee has been paid - your place is secured! We receive a lot of applications, therefore we cannot guarantee your participation until the payment has been made.

Why is the payment plan higher than the full price?

When you pay full price it helps us cover our costs and secure the possibility of the Immersion. With a payment plan you are in essence “buying time”, that’s why the total price is higher. We invest a lot of work, time and Heart in what we do therefore we request the same from people who choose us. In this way we encourage our customers to favour the option that proves their full commitment to participate. We believe it's a win-win solution for both sides.

Do you offer refunds? What if I change my mind or realize I can't commit after purchasing?

All payments are non-refundable. However, you can switch your payment to another Immersion within 7 working days of your date of cancellation. We are financially responsible for the Immersion so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

What if Covid restrictions don’t allow me to travel but I have already paid for the Immersion?

If you have to cancel your attendance due to updated COVID-19 restrictions, you will be issued a full refund, including your deposit. “Updated COVID-19 Restrictions” are any changes imposed by governments or other governing bodies that prevent you from attending the Immersion. It is important to stress that such changes must have occurred after you booked your place on the Immersion. We will therefore regard such updated COVID-19 restrictions to be reasonably beyond your control and a full refund will be available.

Is it possible to pay via bank transfer or PayPal?

Yes, it’s possible!

About Sofia and Her Work

Liona Marchena (39), Netherlands, Holistic energetic healer,

This training was one of the most profound and loving trainings I ever experienced in my life

I feel this was one of the most transformational and sacred retreats I have ever been to. Maybe the most. Sofia (and her wonderful team) has the ability to create such a sacred and safe space to dive deep into subjects that are delicate and maybe misunderstood by a lot of people. I have never felt so connected to GOD and at the same time carried by Mother Earth as I did in the beautiful and holy temple. The work, the people, the experience and so much more have touched me deeply. I am so grateful that I decided to step into this field. Thank you dear magical Sofia! This training was one of the most profound and loving trainings I ever experienced in my life. If you are truly committed to the path of love. And living your life completely, you should absolutely attend. 

Thomas Keel (48), Switzerland, Actuary

Every promise was met and exceeded in a way I could not have imagined possible at the outset.

Being an analytical mathematician I entered into every practice with a level of suspicion. But I decided I was going to give each exercise 100% and I think I got pretty close in most. And Lo and behold the fundamental shifts happened and it was almost effortless all I had to do was be present. I overcame shame and pain and healed relationships to a level I never thought possible. Every promise was met and exceeded in a way I could not have imagined possible at the outset. For my best friends this is the single best course I have ever attended and I know it will do amazing things for them. They will open areas in them they could never have imagined they could access and come out of it a version of themselves that they love way more. It will redefine sexuality and how to relate to people in a way they can’t imagine prior to the course and all it takes is that they arrive for every exercise. Sofia provides the most safe incredible environment and somehow has the right answer to every question.

Lilith Kostandian (31) Finland, Musician and mindfulness teacher

Deeply transformational work through energy practices, trauma release and sacred sexuality

After the Training, I felt like I had done about 20 retreats and at least one year of therapy plus connecting with an amazing supportive community of like-minded people, that I still keep in touch with. I released a lot and also feel deeply nourished. All in all, I truly feel like a new version of me. Deeply transformational work through energy practices, trauma release, radical self-responsibility, sacred sexuality, yoga and breathwork all practiced in a loving, supportive, non-judgmental, safe container, that creates magic!

Fernando Fernandez (40), USA, Real Estate Investor

I did not know I had my heart chained

I did not know I had my heart chained. The rituals made me notice it, and opened my heart. I know my heart is vulnerable when open, and I accept the vulnerability. I want to love and feel loved..... The morning exercises were amazing to my body and chakras. I feel more relaxed and present. You have worked on my insecurities, shames, judgements, and neediness. Thank you for changing my perceptions. I commit in being my true self, not doubt, not give up.

Elena Ganzoni (29), Switzerland, Coach,

The perfect place for authentic connection and deep transformation

It was a very deep and powerful experience. I was surprised how certain breath exercises and practices shifted and expanded my energy so quickly. I had to face a lot of patterns in terms of relationships specifically with men and my inner masculine. The Training is the perfect place for authentic connection and deep transformation. I already applied for a second training because I am so convinced by the work. 

Carolyne De Luca Duarte (50), Belgium, Travel agent and Shiatsu practitioner

This training allows you to drop any trauma, past bad experience, guilt, shame, hate, fear and/or hurt

This training allows you to drop any trauma, past bad experience, guilt, shame, hate, fear and/or hurt all by yourSelf! It empowers you to release any blockages, any pressure from the outside to make sure you live your life with respect, truth and abundance every single day.

Are you ready to discover your Ecstatic Being?

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