May 15, 2021

I hear from many women that they feel unsafe to fully reveal their feminine sensuality because they have experienced unwanted attention from others when they expressed themselves in that way in the past.⠀
They felt taken from. Energetically, or even physically abused. ⠀
So they decided that it is better to withhold that part.⠀
So they do.⠀
While their heart is aching.⠀
Because there is nothing worse for our feminine energy than be denied of its natural expression.⠀
Suppression of the flow of our life force is like death to our Feminine.⠀

So what to do?⠀
💙Just like I said in my recent video on Surrender, it is your inner mature Masculine that is responsible for making it safe for you to open up.⠀

In practice it means: ⠀
✔️Grow in your self-worth.⠀
✔️Do the necessary work to feel safe in your own skin. (And I’m not saying it lightly, it’s a big work).⠀
✔️Realise that you can and have clear and healthy boundaries, like what kind of energy is accepted in your field, and what is not acceptable.⠀

✨Once you are settled in that you have an energetic container. You don’t need to explain to anyone what your boundaries are – your energy will speak for itself. You are held in your own field (by your own inner Masculine) and it actually takes a real deal of courage and presence to be able to come anywhere close to that field.⠀

✨Once you move from this place in life you emanate a certain frequency that will filter out anything less than what you are open for.⠀
People will still look at you and enjoy the sight of you, but their energy won’t be intrusive. And since you feel safe in your own skin, you won’t perceive it as an invasion. ⠀

✨You can be happy for them that they are touched by the gift of your radiant beauty. ⠀

Some of the points I wrote above take years to settle into. If you are not there yet, it is ok. Awareness is the biggest step in transformation. Something will already start shifting once awareness is there. The work of deepening into knowing who you are is holy work. Its destination is less significant than your moment by moment commitment. ⠀

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art by @thetogfather

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