November 29, 2018

I find that it is quite important to have at least one phase in your life when you engage in lots of sexual experiments, either with lots of sexual partners or with one partner who is willing to really go for it with you. It’s a time to let yourself be naughty, seduce, be seduced, play, enjoy, discover.
If you have never gone through this phase, you will always feel that something is lacking. It might make it challenging to fully commit to someone. Consciously or unconsciously you will feel all those pulls and unlived desires.
Also, there has to come a moment when you drop in, a level deeper. If you develop the perception and capacity to listen to yourself you will discover that in order to maintain your integrity and clear connection with yourself you don’t necessarily want to mix your energy with a lot of people. And that penetrative sex is something that has a tremendous impact on us, starting from our energy and body… all the way to our DNA. We are literally BECOMING the people we are having sex with, we have their cells in us.
The sExploration phase is vital on a deep level, it should be viewed as nothing less than a spiritual practice. And when done responsibly and consciously it liberates aspects of our soul, sometimes referred to as missing bits.
It can reveal parts of yourself that you had no idea you had. A timid person might suddenly discover a Lion within. A rebel might discover an innocent and vulnerable heart underneath the wildness…
Someone who tends to be overwhelmed by the chaos of life might discover that when all charges are given space and fully expressed… all that’s left is deep stillness.
Sex is a portal to the Soul.
Have you ever explored it?
A really good place to get into practice that will help you access this portal is my Liberation into Orgasm Immersion!

Art by @milkformycoconut

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