January 28, 2022

There have been many times in my life when life felt dull and meaningless. When I felt as if I was walking through life wrapped in a cotton ball. Depression was a girlfriend I used to walk with side by side for a long time.

I know how easy it is to go down the rabbit hole of hopelessness. I remember all the mornings when I woke up and just couldn’t find a reason to get up and meet the day. All I did was sinking lower and lower into the abyss. My life was an existence in absence of joy and inspiration.

Sometimes we think “if only I was in a relationship… I would be so much happier” or “if only my health was better… life would be better” or “if only I had more money… life would be much more fun”.

From my experience I know that neither a great relationship, nor great health, nor financial abundance will take away the misery. Fun, excitement and newness may help, but… only for a short time.

It all will only serve as a band aid.

✧ Feeling unfulfilled and apathetic is a true sign of not being in alignment with Dharma. ✧

When we take the band aid off and let ourselves bleed, willingly… we discover the real root cause of hopelessness, anxiety and depression.

The root cause is disconnection from our true Path.

Which means disconnection from Dharma.

Which means… disconnection from God.

When we walk in alignment with our supreme Destiny… we may not know what is ahead and where this Path ultimately leads. But we will know that we are connected to that which alone brings true and lasting fulfilment.

I profoundly wish that for all my people and for humanity at large, that’s why I created In Service to Love Training.


If you want to get stabilised on your true Path and witness *in awe* how your alignment opens doors to life of fulfilment and abundance…

If you want to feel established in your Voice that cuts through the noise…

If you want to have practical tools to express this Voice and be heard, navigating the realms of marketing and soul-aligned sales…

I welcome you to In Service to Love Training with open arms.

Big things ahead of us. 👑

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