April 14, 2021

Last year for my birthday I said that I wanted to fully embody myself as a human, finally.

It may sound funny to some: “who else are you if not human?”

Others will totally get it.

Of course I’m human, but ever since I was a child people were telling me “… you must be from a different planet”.

Most of my life I felt awkward with most things. Awkward around people. Not fitting in. Not feeling that I belonged wherever I was.

Once I discovered spirituality and transformational work in 2009 I finally felt at home, I could exhale…. Finally I didn’t need to wear Gucci to prove my worth, or be sweet and engage in small talk to be likable. But at some point I felt pressured to go where I was not ready to go, to transform faster than I could at that time… So again I felt I didn’t belong. I quit my extended meditation retreat and went belly dancing in San Francisco. It was fun, but I felt that everyone wanted to be a pro and I was just doing it to be good at sensual movements. Others couldn’t relate to why someone would pay for something if they didn’t want to make money doing it.


It continued that way until I started creating Temple spaces at my retreats.

One of the most common things I hear from participants of my trainings is that they finally feel that they‘ ve come *home*.

That of course helps to carry that *home* within, wherever we go.

But I knew I had to learn to feel at home on this planet.

Wherever I go, I want to know that I belong.

What’s been happening this year blows my mind. I am beginning to understand what it entails. It entails really trusting the purpose of my incarnation. It entails going ALL IN. And healing all the parts of me that are intimidated by my own power. Which in its essence is… the power of my Love.

This soul came here for Big things.

I am landing here, finally. Sofia 2.0 is emerging.

If you want to learn more about me and my journey, listen to my podcast’s episode “Boundless Love and Me” here.

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