May 9, 2018

Sometimes (many times) I really don’t agree with you, world.

Sometimes (many times) I feel completely isolated, and I wonder if kids at school were
right when they said that I must be of another world.

Sometimes I feel completely hopeless, I feel we have failed as humanity, and nothing
will help that.

Sometimes I feel that those moments of brightness, when I feel the skies opening up,
when I feel we are on the right track… Sometimes I feel that it’s just a temporary thing,
that it’s way too fresh, way too lightweight to affect the gigantic machine that has been
functioning in this world for so long.

Sometimes it seems that there is no end to the ignorance, narrow-mindedness and
stupidity of this world.

Even within the “conscious community” there is so much crap.

Lies, jealousy, public shaming, gossip about the most intimate things, invasion,
carelessness, immaturity, endless stuff around #metoo that at this stage seems to be
serving nothing but castrating men, which I’m witnessing Every. Single. Day.
Obsession with the bullshit somebody-ness, righteousness, the enormous amount of
plastic in the ocean, deeply rooted guilt, deeply buried shame, disease caused by
people being consumed by their emotional handicaps, unable to let go.

Young people suffering from obesity, cancer and failure of their reproductive systems.
Seriously? Fuck, seriously? All this is not enough to make us wake up?

Holding onto shit is what makes people stink.

People, we need to learn to let go.

Deep down, don’t you just really want to Live?

Don’t you just want to drop all this nonsense and be big, be free, be wild?

There are methods. There is help.

It’s about time.


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