June 17, 2021

You are safe, your life is good, you are at ease with yourself… now what?

Stabilising in safety is the first priority.

But once you feel good in your own skin – then what?

Then you have two choices:

1. You can decide that you’ve done what you could, you emerged out of misery and now it’s time to chill: “I don’t have any problems, my life is good enough, personal development is not for me”.

2. Or… you can do something extraordinary:
You can choose to step into the field of Expansion and Excellence.

Once you are safe it becomes about Greatness. It becomes about going beyond ANY limit that exists in the depths of your subconscious mind.

And this is when the Big Game begins.

The best thing about expansion is that it has no limit.


I’m right here, with my mind blown and heart wide open in devotion to Existence and the Eternal Mystery that is this Life.

You are welcome to come and play.

▿▵ Sacred Man/Sacred Woman Training is where we are meeting next.

People who come to my Trainings are the ones who are ready to take the Big Steps: into their full depth, erotic power and the fullness of their Love.

This will be extraordinary. 🔥

me by @mariasimonphotography

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