June 2, 2022

We learnt to believe that it is the right strategy that is responsible for success…
That we need the right idea + the right systems to be in place, and then – boom – the idea will fly.

In my 10 years of entrepreneurship what I’ve come to realise is that… we cannot strategise our way to success.

A good strategy *may* help create one good launch…
But over reliance on the [masculine energy] strategy is destined to fail us if the [feminine energy] piece is not in place.

If you are here for the long run and continuous growth, leadership and impact… you have to realise that:

⚡️Success is first and foremost an energetic game.⚡️

The Quantum field responds to your energy. To your magnetism. To your charisma.

You cannot cheat it. You cannot think your way through it. You cannot be out of alignment and depleted energetically and expect to have great success with whatever you put out there.

Success is a byproduct of:

– showing up for your values
– upholding high standards in ALL areas of your life
– not abandoning your heart
– not abandoning your heart
– not abandoning your heart

Success as a byproduct of loving yourself when you feel anything but successful…

Success is a byproduct of harnessing of the power of your body and aligning your energy with the most expressed version of yourself.

Whatever you want success to look like for you, you can have it.
And… you can have it on your terms:

Success as the depth of your fulfilment.
Success as a sense of being proud of the kind of person you’ve become and the kind of vision you hold for your future.
Success as being happy AND wealthy.
Success as being deeply in love, erotically alive and fully expressed through your work.

And the best part…

There is no individual success.
When I succeed, we all succeed.
When you succeed, we all succeed.

As a human race.

Charisma of Success Training begins tomorrow. ✨

Deep work on energetic mastery, embodiment and claiming the one you came here to be begins right then.

I love you. I believe in us. And I know… anything is possible. 🤍

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