A Modern Day Mystery Immersions

A Path Into The Heart Of Truth

About Mystery Immersions

founded and led by Sofia Sundari

During the Immersions, participants deepen into their inner experience of Existence, and develop a greater capacity to meet and move with others.

~Sofia Sundari

During Mystery Immersions you are invited on a journey without a destination – a moment by moment intimate meeting with Life. You discover that you can both be living in the inner world of spirit while at the same time being firmly planted in the outer world of matter.

Mystery Immersions are based on the ancient philosophy of Non-dual Tantra.

Mixed with methods of modern Tantra, psychology, Sufism, personal development, Shamanism, inner space meditation techniques and dance & movement therapy, Mystery Immersions take participants into the Heart of the Mystery, that is our Life.

Mystery Immersions offer a safe space where students explore all parts of themselves and discover the Truth that permeates it all.

As the lightest, the darkest and the most powerful parts of you become revealed, there is nothing left between you and Existence. And that’s when you return to non-dual awareness.

In the process of unveiling the mystery of our Existence we go on a non-linear journey through dense and subtle, dark and light. Through this process we recognize that underneath it all, there is no distance between these dualities, that they emerge from the One, and dissolve in the One.


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This is how our journey unfolds...

The Work takes place in the Temple Space

The Temple is a safe and sacred space where the totality of what we are is held and nourished. It is a space of vision, where great clarity can be revealed. It is a space where we come to be cleansed by the fire of truth and return to the innocence of who we truly are.


What is it like working with Sofia?

"Liberation Into Orgasm Immersion" Testimonial

Jasminea, Malta

"Activating The Warrior" Testimonial

Martin, United Kingdom

Priestess School - Module 1 "Initiation" Testimonial

Heather, Mauritius

"Liberation Into Orgasm Immersion" Testimonial

Bambos, Netherlands

Priestess School - Module 1 "Initiation" Testimonial

Verena, Germany

"Activating The Warrior" Testimonial

Christian, Romania

"Activating The Warrior" Testimonial

Greg, Netherlands

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