Sundari Summer

All access Summer Pass to Sundari Love Academy

Welcome to your Summer of Love!

This is your all access Summer Pass to Sundari Love Academy, it includes ALL the online Programs and Masterclasses I’ve ever created + all new Programs that I am teaching this Summer!

Here you will find courses on Love, Leadership, Intimacy, Wealth Energetics…  Treat it as your exclusive library worth over 17,000 USD aka. the most amazing deal that ever existed!!

Here is what you get:

Come My Love!

For the Woman ready to call in true Love into Her Life. Price $2,444

Emotional Mastery

Feeling it all and reclaiming your true Power in feeling. Price $888

Prosperity Portal - Live in June!

Become a Magnet for Soul-Aligned Clients and Extraordinary Wealth. Price $1,777

Embodied Wealth

Your Portal into Limitless Abundance. Price $1,111

Intimacy & Devotion

Live in July! Transmissions and rituals for stabilising in Sacred Union: within and with a beloved. Price Single: $1,111, Couple: $1,444

Awakened Heart

Live in August! Melting into your true nature as Love through Sacred Union and Eroticism.

In Service To Love

For Heart-centered Leaders ready to rise into the new Paradigm. Price $3,333


The Choice to be fully expressed as a Soul in a human body. Price $777

Activated Man

Essential Practices for the Man who has Chosen to Reclaim his Warrior Spirit. Price $447

Activated Woman

Priestess Wisdom and Practices that Every Woman Should Know. Price $497

Limitless Love

Empower Your Life Through Sacred Intimacy. Price $997

Pleasure as Prayer

A Journey of Expanded Eros and Self Love. Price $247

Bliss of the Wound

Journey into the true nature of pain and opening to bliss at the very core of it. Price $222

Magnetic Woman

For the woman who wants it all, the Feminine way. Price $222

Leading From Within

For the Leaders who are here to give Voice back to Love. Price $222

Moved By Grace

For people who were born to lead. Price $222

Sex Love Power

Learn how to harness the deepest power inside of your own body, so you can thrive in love, leadership, and Life. Price $222

Manifesting in The Quantum

Consciously Manifest Life of your Dreams. Price $333

The Art of Nourishment

Return to natural overflow, so your Life and Service become an effortless expression of Love. Price $111

Erotic Heart

Guided ritual for expansion into the depth of your devotion to Love. Price $88
All these Programs invite you into deep inner work and offer transmissions that have the power to help you get established on the most potent timeline of your Life.

Price & Payment

Sundari Summer
  • Access to all my live programs during this Summer (actual price is 7,777 USD!)
  • Access to recorded programs and masterclasses of all times (Actual price of everything – over 17,000USD)!
  • All Access for 5 months
Paid in Full
Installment Plan
3 x $1,777
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