November 1, 2021

I catch myself trying to understand. My mind is trying to understand how is it possible for me to make such a leap.

The leap from where I’ve come from, to where I’ve been… and even more so – to where I am going.

The leap from being a confused girl, traumatised by feeling not fit for the harshness of reality around her… to the woman who shows up in her power and holds space for profound transformation to take place for those who come close.

The leap from choosing my future from standpoint of what seemed to make sense to the mind but not to the heart (becoming a lawyer made sense) to now making radical choices all based on the deepest calling of my heart.

The leap from having a life of disaster predestined by my DNA to committing to my evolution, and choosing to grow in both: my heart and in my power, every single day.

The leap from finally getting in touch with my pain and feeling deeply wounded… to holding myself through incredible discomfort and discovering that I actually can lead myself… through anything.

The leap from living in a shabby bungalow on the beach and going on a prolonged fast to save up some money… to making a million dollars.

The moment I give it to my mind… I freak out. It-doesn’t-make-any-sense. I actually get paralysed. I am out of moves, Incapable of saying a word, incapable of showing up here, incapable of connecting with my audience…

We are so used to rely on logic. Since childhood we are taught that we need to understand, that the right things are the ones that make sense.

That’s true only to a certain degree. On the level of the mind understanding makes things safer and predictable…

But in the grand scheme…

✧ logic slows us down. ✧

We cannot understand the process of transformation and expansion, because it takes place at a much faster speed and a much higher frequency than that of the mind.

So here’s what I choose:

surrender to the Unknown, leaning into the Current that moves me and trust. Because… there’s no greater way to live this Life.

Who is with me on this one? 🤍

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