May 16, 2016

A lover told me once: “there are many things I admire about you, but what turns me on the most is your confidence and trust. This is just so fucking sexy”.

Trust can take many shapes. It can look like self confidence, a certain way of speaking, moving and holding ourselves. It can look like integrity. Like dignity. It can even look like pride.

But all that reflects the essence of real trust only for a second.

Real trust is about opening to life. It’s about loving life.

Having a deep vision of this reality. Acknowledging depth in everything and everyone. Remembering the deep meaning of this life.

Trusting that all is guided by the Great One.

In trust we offer ourselves to each moment in totality… like we would to the most magnificent lover.

A lover that is intense and knows what he wants, that pushes your limits and takes you out of your comfort zone…

And yet you trust him, because you also feel how much he honors you.

Let life be that lover.

Let your life be a work of art, one that your mind could never have created.

It can only be a work of art when we give ourselves completely, fully, without holding back… It’s not that we give ourselves to something or someone specific.

We give ourselves to everything… to nothing…

We give ourselves back to ourselves.

Trust comes hand in hand with surrender.

Sweet sweet surrender.

Surrender is not submissiveness.

Submissiveness is either a manipulation strategy or a sign of victimhood (usually both).

Surrender is not weak.

Yes it makes us very vulnerable, very open. But it is not weak.

On the contrary, it is something that makes us invincible.

It may sound paradoxical to you but when you truly-deeply surrender nothing can really hurt you.

When you truly surrender you become vast like an ocean. You become spacious, big. Things may come and touch you, yet.. they won’t stick.

Because when you are so vast, there is nothing to stick to.

Surrender is also the key for deep pleasure, expansiveness and orgasms. In fact without surrender we actually cannot really orgasm. And the deeper your surrender, the more you give yourself to the sensations, to the energy, to the pleasure, the more likely you are to lose yourself in the trance of deep pleasure.

Surrender is the space where you can truly be.


Photo by: Marija Zoi

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