Tantric Femininity


A woman‘s sexuality can be her deepest gift, not only to her lover but also to all of life. She can learn to be fully in her body,  deeply feel each moment, open herself way beyond her personal story to embody the essence of feminine energy.

In the Tantric Femininity workshop we explore different aspects of female sexuality through dance and tantric practices:

  • Deeply connecting to your body and your natural intuition,
  • Unleashing your sensual enchanting power in a safe environment,
  • Reclaiming your deepest pleasure,
  • Releasing any feelings of shame around our sexuality,
  • Dancing with our secret hidden muscles,
  • Releasing old blockages and psychic wounds stored in your womb and pelvis,
  • Opening to what will enable you experience yourself more fully.


On the Wild Woman archetype!
The wild woman is the raw and free woman that lives within each of us. But for many she is hidden, lost or forgotten. And believe me she cannot wait to be reclaimed. In reclaiming her we enter into our power. We step out of norms dictated by society. We embrace the wild untamed woman within us. We learn to love her, welcome her, celebrate her… .



Who is invited?

This workshop is for women of any age or size who want to discover the profound power of our femininity, our inner radiance, which is being released as we fully open up to our sexuality.

What to wear?

Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and feminine and allow you move freely.


* This is a “clothes on” workshop – no nudity or demonstration.


„This was such a wonderful and pleasurable workshop. I enjoyed very much diving into the female energy and beeing with these gorgeous women. I am feeling so juicy, loving, touched, satisfied and deep connected to myself and to all my lovely wonderful sisters. It’s like coming home. The energy during the whole workshop was so great and down to earth which I really appreciated. So it was easy to dive into it and let go. Sofia is a great teacher, loving and caring. I really love her open mind and her kindness. I can highly recommend this workshop to every woman. Thank you so much I still feel blissful.“
Ute Benecke


sofia-mystical-femininity2 Group Leader: Sofia Sundari is the creatress of Mystical Femininity. She writes, coaches, facilitates courses on mystical femininity and tantric & taoist sexuality and helps women unleash their deep feminine power. In her work Sofia empowers women to question the status quo, align with their powerful feminine nature and realise their highest potential.

Sofia creates a space in which women reconnect to their true feminine nature and express it fully. She is known for her gentle and friendly yet driven and passionate presence.




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