What people are reflecting about their experience working with Sofia

“Sofia is a wonderful teacher and her devotion, passion and feminine gentleness and kindness shine from within her and illuminate the students mind and soul. It have been a great experience “Growing under her wings” and I can only wish for such teachers in the future.”


“I was amazed by the qualities that I have in me. That was really very powerful and I just know that there’s more for me to uncover.

There are no expectation or knowing of what you are going to teach this time, it’s my pure needs of feeling that once I start I don’t want to stop my progression. All I can say is “Trusting and Knowing”. It’s all for my own good. Trust in you.

I will highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to connect to their true self, to be more open and softer. Learning the real understanding of what feminine and masculine is about, and most importantly married to ourself.”

Singapore, 40 years

“Sofia showed us true courage of the Shakti and inspired us all to open up, be brave, connect with our inner divine feminine. It was a mind blowing, opening and encouraging experience. I loved the rhythm of the practices/teachings – the order of practices and lectures. It was great to work with emotions, specially because it is suppressed in many spiritual schools.”


“Karma put you on my way and I can be only grateful for that. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us your exceptional knowledge. Thank you for opening my eyes and my cakras:-) Thank you for showing me the beginning of the path to the Truth. Contact with you was very inspiring. You guide people by example and your great integrity makes your teaching credible.  Wishing you all that you are aspiring for,”


“I wish to say thank you so very much for sharing and awakening so much love and delight in my girlfriend. Everyday she came home and shared how she missed me and how happy she was to be with you and her new shakti sisters. I thank you for creating this beautiful gathering, I feel you shared much love for life, for nurturing the divine feminine to awaken the true tantra gifts we are all born with, the selfless sharing you did allows each woman to learn her own path to blossom in her unique time and way.”

of one of the participants

“I am a naturally reserved and introverted person, who is not very good at expressing myself. Sofia’s Mystical Femininity workshops were the most empowering and liberating classes I have ever taken part in. I felt a powerful shift within myself during the workshop and an enormous sense of accomplishment still. Sofia is so passionate, experienced and talented. Her beautiful energy encompassed the class and the students, awakening the goddess within all the women in our class. This is truly a life changing experience, that everyone who has the opportunity should definitely try. With all my love.”

Brigitte Elliott

“What a beautiful transforming workshop, it feels so good to be surrounded by women who want to evolve and get in touch with their divinity, Very inspiring! I’m not the same woman anymore. Thank you so much Sofia for helping me awakening the goddess in me! For the first time of my life I could experience a state of trance while dancing it feels so good to be a goddess!

I like all the rituals, transfigurations were very powerful! Actually all exercises! Each of them helped me to open more and more. Feels so good to be a woman!

I am so grateful for being part of this memorable workshop. Please do longer courses, maybe even a Teachers’ Training. Already 1 week is so transformative, I can’t imagine what will happen after 4 or 5!

Thank you Sofia for this amazing and empowering workshop!!”


“I feel very very grateful for this journey. Before the course I didn’t really know what is my femininity. But now I feel so connected to it, so connected to my body, so soft and so feminine. I’m very proud to be a woman. And I want to enjoy every little part of my body, of myself, of my being. I don’t have to feel guilty for my body, I don’t have to make myself smaller, put myself down. Now I can just celebrate.

The sisterhood that was created during the Sacred Feminine Immersion was something completely new to me. I’ve always had girlfriends, but I never had that strong connection. But from the first day of the Immersion as we sat in the circle for the first time I could feel a very strong connection with each and every woman.

Sofia has created such an amazing space for all of us to share our emotions, our vulnerabilities. I could see myself in each and every woman. And we were all supporting and celebrating each other.

The course taught me that I have to accept my dark sides. It’s ok to be sad, to be angry. There is always light behind. I can be the darkness and light at the same time.

I am also bringing a great gift to my partner from this retreat: now I know what does it mean to be a woman, and I can feel it deep inside of myself. I know that this will inspire him to be more fully in his manhood.

Sofia is an amazing mystical woman. She has so much power, and so much to share and to give. She has created a space for us to be in such a loving way. Her head is so clear. I am so grateful that I met her and that I came to this course. Sofia is a great inspiration for me.

I feel very grateful and happy and full of love. I feel very connected to my body, very soft and feminine.”


“For me it was a really safe space to get out of myself, touching and crossing my own boundaries, a space for letting be feelings of any kind come up, coming in touch with myself and with other woman being on the same journey.

It was so important to work on the topic of sexuality and the Wild Woman in ourselves. Sex is somehow always around in daily life in different forms, but the seminar was a different kind of view on it, a healing one, one from the heart.

For me the most surprising and amazing was, how freeing it was to express anger/rage in this form. I couldn’t remember when I was doing that the last time in my life, probably as a child (when I did it a lot fighting with my siblings), but for years I didn’t let that out. That touched me deeply.

I loved to imagine and work out the archetype of my Wild Woman. The image of her is still present and I’m sure she will be there to remember and rediscover in moments I’m not connected with my self.

There was no space to represent ourselves as the person we think we are (with all our identifications on our jobs, activities, stories, partners and so on). Being just the ones we are without all that stuff. I liked that a lot.”

Austria, 32 years

“It’s been very transformational and very inspirational to take part in the Immersion.

I enjoyed so much dancing with sisters – all these women that came from all around the world. Processing and dancing through emotions was revelational.

Another very strong practice for me was listening to my intuition, to myself more.

Sofia is such a wonderful woman, she is so feminine, so in tune with herself. She has so much wisdom and she wants to convey it to us. I can see how much she’s learnt from her own path and she’s giving us all this knowledge that she’s learn from her own experience. She really want us to enjoy our lives more.

For me the deepest day of the retreat was the day when we were processing sadness through dance. At first I couldn’t feel much sadness, but as I went deeper into the dance, I discovered lots of locked away sadness. It was very emotional. But after processing it, I had room within myself to experience real joy.”

New Zeland

"I finally started to get comfortable with owning my power and light. Recognizing that we as awakened women have a great responsibility to this universe and it is time to rise up.  I realized that it is all really about love. Keep loving, always more love. I absolutely loved how Sofia said that the most wild thing you can experience is a connection to God. I really felt that stronger than ever in that moment and you're right it was beyond wild. Thank you, thank you!"

Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly
25, New York

“The workshop with Sofia was a life changing experience for me. I enjoyed every second of this workshop, I learned a lot, I danced a lot, I released a lot and I awakened my inner Goddess and I discovered my own divinity.

I transformed a lot… I feel it and also my friends have noticed it, they keep telling me that I have changed a lot both physically and energetically. This workshop is the perfect tool for balancing masculine and feminine side.

Sofia is great role model and inspired me by her generous heart, her way of teaching and her wonderful sweet being. If every woman does this workshop the World would become a different place.”

Deniz Susever

"This has been my world changing experience with Sofia Sundari. Her guidance is profoundly attuned to the calling within the inner masculine. The simplicity of dropping into my lingam, being present with sensations, honoring its calling and offering its gifts has brought manhood to a new meaning for me. Many stories I have had around my sexuality have melted in the unending truth spoken by my lingam. Honoring its wisdom and sharing simply its energetic presence with the divine feminine has been enough to blast me open, embrace my heart and heal the past."

Deva Presence
Deva Presence
38, Miami

“Finally I know I am loved, supported, held, honored. It is safe to be seen. I can be seen for who I Am, be free to really be me! I faced integrated everything I could, now… a lot I had buried or ran from in past found deeper presence. Step into this sisterhood circle of support, step into your power, bloom your full flower! Find the Goddess alive in You! A wonderful, powerful, fun… simply deeply beautiful journey. Treat yourself like a Divine woman you are. Get to know yourself and others as that.”


“It was truly a deep immersion, an amazing transformation on an emotional level, but also on a very practical level. I have been thriving, blossoming and filled with so much gratitude to be part of this experience.

What a journey! I can’t really express in words what this Immersion has meant to me or what it will mean to my future.

I am filled with an immense clarity that was lacking before. I know the feeling of sisterhood very intimately now, and I understand what a gift it is to any woman to be part of one.

I learned so much about my own body, my feelings, my passions – and I can express myself in a more free and liberated way.

I will have this experience in my heart always.

Sofia, the space you created and held for us was sacred and safe, where magic was happening. I really feel that you gave us all the wisdom, practices and love and care that was needed for us to blossom at this time. Thank you!

I saw radiance shine from all the women as we progressed and immersed ourselves deeper- a happiness of being seen and being able to express. Noone was left behind. I felt a radiance inside of myself that would also surface and be visible to others.

There is no doubt that I will pursue the sacred practices that introduced to us. And I will keep dancing.”

Denmark, 25 years

“It was interesting to see myself changing and to observe my awakening process, in the end I was amazed how much i could accept all the workshop exercise and felt strongly comfortable to follow what i have learned in the workshop, although I was not comfortable with a few practices and discussions in the beginning of the week.

Transformation: I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, but it did actually happen even for this short period of time, I appreciated especially when I realized that I could finally forgive my ex- boyfriend after transformation, it was a big achievement for me.

Expressing my feelings though dancing was so effective.

Thank you again for this lovely workshop, I will follow what i have experienced and learned from workshop in my life- it is actually already with my daily life.

I would be very interested in joining teachers training in the near future, i will be more than happy to pass on what i have learned in the workshop to all the Japanese women who are not able to express their feeling freely. Thank you once again!”


“For me the Mystical Femininity workshops with Sofia were, with no doubts, one of the best and most beautiful experiences of my life. Having learned the  power and the strength we can grow by sharing time, space, emotions and truly opening our hearts with other women was an unforgettable and valuable lesson. Thanks to the practices we did in classes I feel that my relationship with my body has changed in a very deep way. Now I have so much more respect for it, and I keep developing love and worship for it, what makes me happier and happier , each day. Dance came back into my life! The classes helped me to restore the self confidence.”


“Sofia infused the workshop with love and a feeling of sisterhood. We explored new potentials of the divine feminine in ourselves, and mirrored it in each other which made it even stronger. I left feeling blessed and new channels for receiving love seem to have opened for me since Friday, from people I both know and didn’t know! the different exercises opened new paths to explore, and I particularly enjoyed the egg practices and the Kali ritual, although all the rituals were pretty good.”


"It was the most profound, intense and intimate experience I have ever had in my life. All my senses got wide open in a such humble and powerful way. To be returned to the source of happiness of my soul, to the place where god lives within me.  May my life be a testimony, a miracle, a song of hope, a grain of sand, a voice that joins the great symphony of love as the wild woman has awakened in me."

Glinller Strauss
Glinller Strauss
42, Norway

Working with Sofia has been really a wonderful journey for me to understand myself and my feminine power and energy.  Sofia is really gentle with you but goes deep into you and help you see the truth. She really walks her talk and and has been an inspiration for me.  So I would highly recommend Sofia to other women who want to work on their femininity. She really embodies the Goddess energy.

As a Musician Singer/Songwriter, you need to spend a lot of time alone, writing and recording, so being able to be welcomed into a safe environment, where i was able to connect, hold and be held sacredly with my fellow brothers and sisters, in a sacred space, in a sacred place was exactly what I was longing for.
Aaron and Sofia put so much obvious effort into ensuring boundaries were respected and understood, while also allowing you to immerse yourself into soft intimacy, playfulness and self release.
The ambiance and journey was liberating in such a way that five days on I'm still reverberating from the evening.
Thank you for holding the space, and allowing people like I to embrace love and life, in such a magical place with such beautiful people.
I highly recommend you attend a workshop or course with these guys.
With Love, Music and Warmth,

Jaz Bailey

Jaz Bailey
Jaz Bailey

Sofia is a wonderful and inspiring teacher who embodies what she teaches. Her Yoni Yoga course is a beautiful, gentle yet powerful exploration into feminine sacred sexuality. By learning about the jade egg and doing the practices Sofia teaches, my life is expanding in so many beautiful ways. My capacity for pleasure has increased, I have been experiencing more creativity and inspiration in my work, and the quality of my energy (qi) has significantly increased as well. Sofia invites us to deeply love ourselves and open to our inherent capacity for joy, love and bliss. I highly recommend this course! 

Canada, 42 years

Thank you Beautiful men and women for gathering together last night in the name of Divine Union. The more we do this... the faster the planet will heal. I am so grateful to have witnessed each one of you from a space of such depth and presence. I SEE YOU. And am so grateful to BE SEEN by you!!! Sofia and Aaron you both created such a potent field for us all to safely and fully express with one another last night. Men in brotherhood. Women in sisterhood. Then all of us merging as One.

Jennifer Anne
Jennifer Anne

“Sofia gives space, love and her own femininity to connect on a very deep level with women as well as reconnect with the strong, beautiful and very empowering female energy. It was an amazing experience that I would suggest any woman to experience too – also to see that we are more than our concepts and beliefs.”

Austria, 41 years

Dear Sofia, Just reading your email is a sacred felt  experience of  awakening, sisterhood, embracing what is, hope, bigger perspective, and my own juiciness and potential. I look forward to reading more of your inspired writing.  Your writing and your be-ing helps me to touch my own integrity and alignment with the Great Mystery. Thank you.
Hugs and kisses, Lara


“Amazing journey of transformation and blossoming of femininity. Exactly what I was seeking for. Sofia brings the space to let the Shakti blossom in each and everyone of us. Kali ritual was so releasing and Tripura Sundari ritual put me in trans! The workshop was magical.”


"This retreat was very powerful and inspiring for me. It gave and keeps giving more space to my femininity, to my soul and to my whole being. As if the labyrinth was lightened from above, to see the dead ends and to see the roads that will lead ahead."

Leila Džiškariani
Leila Džiškariani
32, Estonia

“Sofia’s work, her being and maturity create a loving and powerful space in which deep healing, transformational shifts and heart expansion can happen. What I found especially valuable is her ability to keep this space free from preconceived ideas, concepts and ideology. Her focus is on what is right now and right here, and of course on what can be opened up.”

Marc Steinberg
Marc Steinberg

"Yoni Yoga is a divine, delicious and motivating course to connect! I used to struggle keeping my Jade egg practice going. With the help of the practical videos, I got motivated to kick-start my practice again and am still doing it regularly till today. Sofia is a powerful teacher and I feel grateful for all the amazing aha-moments. I can full-heartedly recommend this course to every woman feeling ready to liberate their sexuality."

Germany, 29 years

“I went through a very deep process. It touched me emotionally, even deeper than I could have imagined. I didn’t expect such a big inner transformation, intense inner process. I released a lot of physical tension through dance and sharing circles. Many things happened inside, unlocked and opened, few masks fell off. The parts of me that were locked are now ready to shine.

The connection between women was very open, strong, supporting, deep, beautiful and warm. It was really important for my personal process.

Sofia definitely knows how to hold the space, she brings depth, warmth, power, sensuality and softness to the room. I am amazed and proud of her. She has a lot of clarity, she held the space for all of us even through difficult moments, where we were tired and emotional. She was just there, very balanced and very compassionate. It meant a lot to me.”

Serbia, 30 years

“It was very powerful, transformative and beautiful to witness the evolution of the whole group under the guidance and care of Sofia. Not just that Sofia is great teacher, but also i saw her loving and caring side during the course. An openminded teacher who will guide you gently and support your inner transformation. ”

Marija S.

“I connected deeply with my true essence. I connected with my heart and my sexuality. I let go of lot of past negative energy. I started honoring myself as I woman. I started respecting a woman within me.”


“Thank You again for these remarkable days – they really changed something within. It would have been wise to make photos of the participants „before“ and „after“. I really felt different (still do) after the workshop. I cannot wear trousers any more (and I used to be only trousers wearing girl for years). I’ll try to throw away all the clothes that do not make me feel as a Goddess. I am putting more and more sensuality, mystics etc into my daily life. Some kind of stillness has entered into me and I hope this everyday fuzz will not push it away.

In the course there was enough practice and enough theory. I really needed this theory, too, to understand what was going on, to make it more clear for myself.

And I was totally surprised about how I started to enjoy dancing, too. Before the workshop I was totally scared of dancing-part (I guess being actually afraid of opening up) – and what an enjoyment there was to move myself, to express myself, to enjoy every moment.

I really hope to keep this feeling inside me. I am happy how much my view to the world has broadened with these 5 days.

And You – You for Yourself is a great picture in front of us – of how to be a goddess. This example is important. You are human and You are divine, You are SO beautiful and at the same time so like us.”


“Mystical bellydance, what is it? Bellydance: Sofia – with her ravishing feminine elegance – teaches us the basic movements of bellydance, though every woman is free to develop her own language.

Mystical: we bring reverence to Shakti, to the Cosmic Goddesses… During one workshop each of us embodied a Goddess represented on a card we took. We invoked the divine qualities in a solo-dance, banding in a strong magnetic field created by the other women, watching and transfigurating us. The devotion Sofia awakens is so inspiring…

Unforgettable for me was the Kali-workshop, where all of us dived into our deepest and darkest emotions and gave expression to intensities we normally are keen to avoid. It was a powerful and empowering experience after which we all felt whole as a woman. Sofia’s affinity with Kali and the other Goddesses is very clear. She knows Them cause she has lived Them. Her sweet love and devotion are nurturing for the soul. Her passion and exquisite skills for dancing are a balm of beauty…”


I feel it was a very transforming process for me, a lot of my previous experiences and preconceptions about sexuality were replaced by a deep sense of wholeness, connectedness and strength unfamiliar to me before. For the first time i fully realized on all levels how my body can be a key to enlightenment and I realized how much strength there is in vulnerability and surrender. This realization is incredibly empowering and healing and gives me another appreciation of my physical body, the beauty and power of my yoni and basically life itself.

I can truly say that during those two tantric massage sessions with Sofia  i experienced another state of self-consciousness and self-love which defragmented my self in a deep way. I feel blessed for and humbled by her soulful guidance and that i was lucky enough to work with her in the past and hopefully the future.

Myriam Parth
Myriam Parth

Now I can see how much beauty and pleasure there is in everything. The session with Sofia was a revealing experience about how freely the sexual energy can travel through my whole body providing an overall orgasmic experience. It’s amazing what my body is capable of and how easily it responds.


“My experience was very beautiful. I got confirmed in my sexuality and I could now 100% relax into the gift of the sexual energy that is so abundant in me. I experienced full body orgasms and I now know how to be the source of them.”

Greece, 34 years

The yoni massage session that Sofia offered was a revealing experience about how freely the sexual energy can travel through my whole body providing an overall orgasmic experience. It’s amazing what my body is capable of and how easily it responds. During the massage of the yoni itself, I hit some past conditioning and Sofia skillfully and lovingly provided a safe space full of acceptance to explore and see next steps towards opening up. Holding an open space, Sofia had no hint of pushing for any particular result, and navigated from what was transpiring in the moment. I am very grateful to Sofia for this unique experience.

Natalia Kuzmicheva
Natalia Kuzmicheva

“I found my femininity and my inner fire in this course. It was a transforming experience. I am very grateful for the teachings I received during these 3 weeks. I  became more feminine, more present, more free, more myself. I let go a lot and I received a lot – 2 things I was struggling with before. And dancing feels so good!”

France, 30 years

“Awesome, amazing, wow! I loved every single moment, every single practice and teaching was priceless and invaluable.

This workshop is a gift from the Divine Mother herself to her beautiful daughters whom she loves so much. She chose Sofia as her channel and I believe it’s the best choose she could have made.

When woman realises and steps into her complete feminine essence, she becomes the Shakti/power which will inspire the Divine Masculine and the will support, inspire and complete each other and dance the Divine Romance and make this world paradise regained.”


"The most touching for me was the sisterhood we created! To feel SOOO much love for all these women, WAOW! To really feel how deep, powerful and loving source of energy we can create together when we all are committed to the same purpose, BLEW me away!  It’s a unique opportunity to feel and be part of a divine sisterhood."

Penélope Carlos
Penélope Carlos
25, Denmark

I am a single mum, so I wanted to keep myself sexually pleased and there is certainly an improvement. Thanks to Yoni Yoga I learnt to give myself deep vaginal orgasm.Now I have orgasms almost daily  and I am feeling much more relaxed and happy.

Hungary, 32 years

"She helped me to tear away at my self-consciousness, and made me feel beautiful again, by illuminating my power as a person and a woman. She taught me secrets of the Jade Egg and Goddess Worship, and taught me asanas to open up my blocked chakras – rituals and practices I take with me now, wherever I go. Since being back in New Zealand, people have come up to me to say they haven’t recognised me, because I look so relaxed. I attribute it to Sofia. She helped to release me from the constraints of my mind to show me the abundance of this world, and show me that that abundance is mine.”

New Zealand

I would call it lingam activation or lingam release because it's way more than a massage! It is a profound journey in incredible sensation realms!
Think about it: when is the last time that your genitals were touched in a way that is both erotic, sensual, therapeutic, healing and expansive? I experienced Sundari's touch as super present, focused, caring and curious at the same time. She approached my lingam in ways that totally opened my lower chakras and released tensions and emotions that I didn't even realize were stacked in this part of my being. While we were active lovers, I had 6 deep transformative and contained sessions with her over a period of a month and that experience radically expanded and shifted my relationship to my lingam area. The experience was so transformative and deep that it took me a few weeks to fully integrate and embody the new sensations and awareness around this part of my being. So grateful!!!

Shiva Rajaya
Shiva Rajaya

“It was a deep journey into the mystical realm of the Goddesses, opening up to feel these energies and states of consciousness, through our bodies, minds and emotions, feeling spiritually connected to the realm of the deep feminine. Every day was magical with opportunities to go deeper and opening up beyond our limitations. I feel so much more connected to my body sharing the safe space with beautiful sisters to explore and allow the body to express itself and emotions to flow …such a blessings!

You lead this course Sofia with so much love and dedication and this really emanated through the deep work we did in every way. Such an inspiration, so much courage and faith in your path I am in awe of the beauty that happened in these weeks. I feel very very blessed to have taken part in this Sacred Immersion. Thank You infinitely!”


I feel I rescued my inner power, I observe I'm more open, spontaneous, passionate and lighter and centered and connected with myself and other people since I was in the session with you Sofia! I feel grateful to invest in me. I'm worth of every kind of love I can offer myself. And this was~is love.

It was a humanly divine life experience, where I could get in touch with my truest self, my purest essence, and have the possibility to connect very deep with love, with my humanity and my divinity. With pain and pleasure. And transcend pain trough pleasure. It was very powerful, profound and still I can feel it deepening...more and more.

I really loved to meet you and felt really at ease with you. I feel accepted. I feel right. No guilt. No shame. Thanks.


Sonia Costa
Sonia Costa

Yoni Yoga course has opened my doors to the temple of my sexy self, my wild woman, my Yoni loving connection, the honoring of sacredness within myself. 
From the first week I started to see absolutely magical transformation of my relationship with myself and my sexual relationship with a partner: I found so much more pleasure in sexual games; recognized different limiting believes, taken from the norms of society about sexuality, that neither was true for me, nor served me my life (at least not anymore). My libido has expanded and I became more playful, more courageous and self-confident. Have noticed that I even became younger and prettier. It was pure magic!) I became more skillful lover and was able to clearly communicate with my partner what I like, because now I knew myself better. Feeling so grateful to Sofia for this course and for sharing her passion. I got a lot from it and it inspires me to continua stepping up into my power. I highly recommend anyone to dive into this blissful inward journey.

USA, 29 years

“This should be mandatory to all women around the world! The experience is so beautiful, wast and sacred. I can feel so much is happening inside of me, I can feel my heart is opening more and more as days go by. I have the feeling that this retreat, over time, will affect my life in more ways then I can imagine, this is only the beginning.

If you truly want a change on your life this is a great start to your journey. You will know if this is a right way for you if you just stop and listen inside. I am so grateful for doing this, for all the gifts I was given during the retreat, I would so do this again and again and again.

This is a space of trust, love and acceptance.”

Sweden, 30 years

„This was such a wonderful and pleasurable workshop. I enjoyed very much diving into the female energy and beeing with these gorgeous women. I am feeling so juicy, loving, touched, satisfied and deep connected to myself and to all my lovely wonderful sisters. It’s like coming home. The energy during the whole workshop was so great and down to earth which I really appreciated. So it was easy to dive into it and let go. Sofia is a great teacher, loving and caring. I really love her open mind and her kindness. I can highly recommend this workshop to every woman. Thank you so much I still feel blissful.“

Ute Benecke
Ute Benecke

"The whole retreat was a great reprogramming, a huge letting go of old nonworking patterns and patient growth of more healthy ones. It’s a soul journey which leads you to uncover your potential, your strengths and powers, leading to healing and integrity. You uncover your healing abilities through conscious touch, both physical and intuitive."

Yuliya Miloslavina
Yuliya Miloslavina
34, The Netherlands 

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