September 22, 2021

The month of June was difficult for me, it was as if every part of me where I was a little bit compromising, a little bit hiding, a little bit not honest with myself… escalated into something that felt like a thick fog and I brought myself to nothing short of an emotional breakdown.

It took patience and dedication to come out on the other side. But I also know that I need to have these experiences because this makes me a better mentor. I’ve faced so many challenges in this lifetime, and I’ve navigated every single one of them.

Each time I emerged, I emerged stronger, deeper connected to my heart, and with deeper TRUST.

I know what is humanly possible! I’m the proof that impossible is possible, that we are the creators of our Destiny.
And that’s what I’m holding for my clients and students.

In the end of my latest holidays I set aside a time to journal about how I could maintain the state I felt… The state of being deeply nourished.

I felt at ease, I was not shaken by unexpected turns of events, I felt deeply connected to myself, to Oliver, to all the people who worked in the place where we were staying and to all of life, really.

I wanted to maintain this, to not forget about the little things I did naturally that were serving as anchor points in my day to day experience. And some gold poured through as I was writing!

Then I realised that EVERYONE needs that and I decided to create an experience that will bring people to that nourished state and serve as an anchor for a new trajectory.

A trajectory where you choose yourself first, and you know that not only everyone benefits from that, but it’s the ONLY WAY that you can share your love with the world, be it through your relationships, through your work or creativity.

What a life of possibilities opens up from here!

Result: The Art of Nourishment workshop is happening today!

Looking forward to this deep dive!

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