December 27, 2015

Devotion is an intrinsic part of my spiritual path. Devotion is something that opens my heart, that makes my mind stop and consciousness expand like a blossoming lotus…

But first of all devotion to me is the ability to feel divine love.

Sometimes it comes through as something incredibly subtle. There are moments when I simply sit quietly and feel that I am bathing in light… in beauty… I feel that I am surrounded by beauty that may be at first invisible to my eyes, but so tangible to my heart. It may bring tears to my eyes… And then… suddenly I start perceiving the beauty with my physical eyes as well… As if the lens has been adjusted and all of a sudden beauty is revealed. And it is everywhere – in the way light falls on the floor, in the way trees move in silence, in the way subtle sounds reach my ears…

Other times, divine love comes in a very tangible form — through other human beings. I see those as messengers of my Spirit. Certain people appear in my life and they shower me with so much love and appreciation and I see that I have two choices here: either to be overwhelmed with it or see it for what it is –  Divine love, manifested in the human plane. And these people, or should I say *angels* are channelling that love straight from the Highness.

This is delightful, who wouldn’t love that?

Who wouldn’t love to be loved so deeply?

Oh my god, that’s all I ever asked for!

And yet… there is a big challenge to it.

Deep deep down we all carry layers of unworthiness… This is result of past history, of our collective wounds, of samscaras or emotional scars left by traumatic events that we may carry for lifetimes.

Sometimes these scars are so deep and we identify with them so intensely, that it doesn’t even allow us to recognise the love that’s being poured at us.

The tragedy of being an angel is that there is so much to give, but no one to receive”

And so here is the challenge.

When someone pours love directly at us, subconsciously there might be a dialog happening: “This person says they love me… How can that be? How can anybody love me if I have done this and that in the past? No one has ever loved me, how can this be happening now? No… I cannot trust that. Maybe they want something from me…”.

This might be happening very deep in the subconscious mind and we may be completely unaware of that, and the only thing we see ourselves doing is running away from situations because they feel freaking uncomfortable and we either don’t wanna know why or believe into our mind’s stories. Bottom line: here it is – resistance.

That’s what I mean by the challenge of being loved.

It’s not easy to let someone love us.

It’s not easy to receive love.

It’s not easy not to project ideas on how love is supposed to look.

I think it takes a heart of a warrior actually, to be able to really feel loved…

In fact love is always available. And it is actually being poured at us at every given moment.

Even now.

You are so loved my friend.

Let us be the warriors of love.

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