September 9, 2020

When asked, many men said that the most challenging thing for them right now is dealing with emotions.
It wasn’t specified: their own or those of others. But it doesn’t really matter.

Here’s why. ⠀

Emotion is energy in motion. It is energy of Life. It is a force. At times this force is rather mellow, but other times… when we are dealing with unending grief, disappointment or rage. it feels like a hurricane, a storm, a tornado. It can get quite scary, really. It may feel like it may kill you. ⠀

Side by side with sexual intelligence, emotional intelligence is something we are majorly lacking education on. The two are very similar in fact. Both are intense and may even be dangerous. Both, if misused, repressed or bottled up may create great damage. Both when expressed harmoniously may create great opening. Both in their nature are expansive. ⠀

In order to be relax with both sexual energy and emotions you need to do only one thing, but this thing is a complete Game Changer. ⠀
This thing is called stillness. ⠀

When you are still in your core nothing can shake you. Yes, it will impact you, you will FEEL it, but it won’t destabilize you. When you are still within you know that no matter what happens you don’t have to absorb it. You don’t have to receive it as an attack towards you. You remain present. And from presence you know exactly what to do. ⠀

So here comes the practice: The eye of the tornado. ⠀
You need to become this eye.⠀

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