June 2, 2022

The final war we will have to face will be the war within.

Only when each of us individually takes charge of our emotional reactions, our ignorance, our aggression can we expect great shifts on the planet and the end of all wars.

There are wars in families. Wars between men and women. Wars between women tearing each other down. Wars between men. There is abuse. Manipulation. Self hatred. Violence.

Besides Ukraine there are wars in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Myanmar, Tigray and Somalia.

People are hurting themselves and each other every day.

People are dying every day.

All these wars are a product of only one thing:


We forgot who we are.
We forgot our intrinsic interconnectedness.

We forgot Love.

The events that shake our seeming stability are the calls for remembrance. These are the calls for Awakening.

The external will forever be the representation of internal.

The Internet is full of opinions and emotional reactions of uninformed people, as usually.

We have no idea what is REALLY going on.

We also have no idea what these emotional reactions are feeding.

Terrible things are happening. Yet a lot of the “news” have nothing to do with what is really going on.

I know there is a tremendous amount of collective anxiety – I feel it in my body.

I believe we have to give ourselves the space to feel the pain, without denial. And not let it dictate our actions.

I make it a point to regulate my nervous system daily.

And… I keep focusing on being at my best. For myself, my loved ones and my clients. Because this is my way to show up for that which truly matters – for Love.

If you’ve been postponing your journey of awakening… the time has come.

This postponing has to stop now.

May all beings find peace.
May all beings remember Love.
May we find inner guidance to take the right actions, for the greatest benefit of All.

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