June 3, 2021

▿ As women (and many men as well)… we carry a powerful gift that we often think is a burden.

Do you know what this gift is?

It is the gift of our longing.

A sensation of depth, need, and desire that feels unquenchable… We long to be held in Love so deep and true it penetrates all parts of our being and our lives. ♡

This longing can feel so big, overwhelming, and too scary to be with… but in truth, it is the key to experiencing our richest desires.

It is in our nature to always want more –

More Love
More sɘx
More abundance
More intimacy and closeness
More trust
More of anything beautiful

If we can accept this part of ourselves and feel the depths of our longing…

We can have anything our hearts desire.

Yes, anything. ♛

The more we are able to be with this overwhelming desire for more, the bigger our capacity to receive more. It is never-ending — we can continually open our capacities to receive more and more forever.

The power of the gift of longing is magnified when we are able to not only be with the sensation, but to LOVE this part of ourselves.

When we find our ravenous appetites for Love beautiful and not burdensome, then we will know our TRUE power.

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This course will be powerful for you whether you are single or in a relationship. It is for the woman who wants to be met on the all levels of her full-spectrum depths and experience new depth in Love and expansion.

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Photo from my recent Training by @alexforstermusic

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