April 26, 2021

Woman, it is your job to uphold the integrity of love and be available only for love.⠀

Don’t compromise. ⠀

Be honest with yourself. ⠀

Don’t try to seduce a man who is in a relationship with someone else. ⠀

Don’t create fantasies about unavailable men. ⠀

Don’t try to interpret his “signals”. ⠀

Men are beautifully simple: if a man wants to be with you you won’t have to second guess it. He will make it known to you. ⠀

It is so sad to see women all over the planet disrespecting themselves, trying to fit into the image of a “desirable” woman, pretending to be open for a relationship style that doesn’t align with her heart, and eventually becoming bitter and saying that there are no good men out there… all as result of accepting anything.less.than.love. ⠀

Uphold the integrity of love. Show up for love. Trust what you truly deeply want. Don’t settle for anything less than that. Be direct and clear in your communication. ⠀

This is the only way to restore love on this Planet.⠀
Each of us is responsible for that. ⠀
And especially, women.⠀

Because women in their deepest truest essence are the embodiment of love. ⠀
And unless you’ve numbed yourself down, you know the taste of love, just as you know your own.⠀

My new online course about welcoming your true aligned love [Come, my Love] is coming to you this Spring ♥️Can’t wait to share it!

Art by @thetogfather

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