May 13, 2020

SHE is deeply embodied, so soft, so sensitive, sensual, and radiant… There is so much Life in her, so much pleasure, so much desire… She is both contained and expanded, subtle and dazzling. She is graceful. Elegance is how she moves. She lights up every room she shows up in. She returns everything she touches back to love. She is full of care and kindness. She opens and only opens as a response to Life… ⠀
She yearns for only one thing: Love. Total, limitless, all-encompassing, absolutely fierce, and deeply soft Love. She heals through love. She teaches how to love. She longs for love, and she will never stop. ⠀

Until she recognizes herself as Love. Then… she understands that the Earth itself expresses itself through Her and that She is only ever moved by Love.⠀


HE is grounded, stable, reliable, intelligent and clear. He knows focus in everything. He listens to every moment’s music with acute awareness. He hears the music and it becomes his poetry. His energy is penetrative, yet he remains spacious at all times. He delivers his greatest gift by penetrating the wold with Love. He holds Her like Love is to be held. He is always present to Her. He is calm, kind, dedicated, devoted and deeply loving. He does what needs to be done moment by moment, without agitation or overwhelm. He is bright. He honors his Love, he honors his heart and that of the World.⠀
He seeks his identity, his Purpose. ⠀
He grabs onto things that give him a sense of accomplishment. These things leave him empty. He seeks again, anew. ⠀

Until he recognizes that he_is_enough. Until he recognizes that He is the Purpose.⠀

And if there has ever been anything to do… it is to Love.⠀


Both can be accessed within. Either can be recognized and mirrored through the beloved.⠀
The beauty that you see in your beloved is your own beauty. The stability and clarity of presence you admire in them is your own.⠀

We can and need to awaken with each other and through each other.⠀

Because all we ever really do is falling through each other into God.
Art by @FaridaKhusnutdinova⠀

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