September 22, 2021

On this Lion’s gate portal I am thinking about the one key that opens so many doors.

It is the most important piece of all the inner work…

Of all the work on manifestation of our truest innermost desires…

Of all the work that brings us financial freedom and success…

It is the piece that makes deep relationships possible…

that makes our friendships fulfilling…

that is the first key to healing…

that makes spiritual states an integrated part of our everyday life…

 ✧ This key is Care.

♡ First of all – self care.

By that I don’t mean just eating well, going to spa once a month or exercising twice a week. Or whatever self care may look like.

Care means infusing life with total appreciation and love for myself regardless of whether I am achieving all the goals I set for myself and of how close I am to the perfect accomplished version of myself.

Care means that I am operating on a frequency that amplifies care in my Life. It means I open the pathway for care.

Care means doing less but with clear intention.

And the best part – when we truly care for ourselves – we care for those around us – and we care for the World at large.

If we try to do anything from a place of depletion it only depletes us further and it doesn’t serve anyone.

But when we are nourished from inside out… Love simply pours through!

I spent this day prioritising my nourishment, and I feel amazing!

What is one nourishing thing you can do for yourself today? Or perhaps already have done?

I’d love to know! Please let me know in a comment ♡

And if you want to feel supported in this, in the Art of Nourishment, I invite you in this sacred space.

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