May 26, 2016

That endless thirst to be desirable, to  be attractive…

Sexuality is the main driving force on this planet.

Try to argue with that: almost everything we do in life is about being attractive.

People buy expensive clothes, cars, get tanned, do sports, perform plastic surgery, spend thousands on cosmetics… all to get laid! 🙂

From an early age we try to figure out: how to be attractive, how to attract the perfect partner.

We try different things: some try people pleasing, others play “treat them mean – keep them keen”… We try to figure out some kind of golden rule that will make us attractive, irresistible and will help us keep the person interested.

I’ll tell you something. All that sucks. It may work for some time, but there is no integrity here. It is but manipulation, and games which deep down make you feel miserable. And inevitably you will lose parts of yourself in those games.

However, there is a secret to being irresistible. And it has nothing to do with manipulation. 

It is incredibly simple.

It is about accessing our heart.

And truly loving.

Truly loving men if you want to attract a man.

Sincerely loving women if you are interested in women.

I personally really love men.

I love men in general, I love the verticality of the masculine presence. I love shiva – the essence of all men, and I see it so clearly in every single guy.

And here is the big secret, are you ready to hear it?

We cannot truly love a man if we don’t absolutely love the lingam (in other words, cock).

The same about women. If we love a woman, we have to love the yoni  (in other words, pussy).

Because this is where we begin. Our genitals represent our sexual essence. And it is our innermost essence.

Love for lingam or yoni goes beyond the personality of this person or that. In tantra the lingam is viewed as the representation of shiva, of the pillar of the magnificent light of consciousness. And the yoni is viewed as the gate of the Universe, the source of life.

When our love is really that deep it affects our entire being. It becomes so obvious, as if those three words are literally written on our face: I love you.

And how do we feel around a person who truly loves our essence even without knowing us? 

We feel accepted. We feel seen. We feel honored.

And we are naturally attracted to that person.


Not really. We may have to face layers of conditioning, resolve childhood issues with our parents, and god knows what else. But we can get there.


Yes. Oh yes. Love IS simple.

And it’s love that’s going to save us.


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