May 26, 2021

Have you fully grieved and released your past partnerships?

Or are your old partners living in your heart, psyche, or womb? ▿

On the path of manifesting a partnership, many women will unconsciously self-sabotage what could evolve into a True Love connection and Sacred Union.

This is usually in the subtle energetics of a woman and her body. If you are holding onto past lovers, their energy may take up space in your heart, psyche, and womb, and feel repelling to the lovers and life opportunities.

In order to clear this pattern, one must return to their energetic integrity. ⠀

How to do this?

✯ By doing deep energetic work on yourself. ✯

Release that which makes you hide your true Greatness, cultivate your honest inner work, and become so clear within yourself that you VIBRATE with the frequency that you want to attract in your relationship and your life.

Release the pent-up energy that surrounds your wombspace, protecting you or shielding you from opening up to true Trust and Love.

Release the years of sucking in the belly, of putting on an act to please men, of hiding your full feminine power.

When your frequency vibrates on the level that is authentic to who you know yourself to be, then you attract exactly that on the outside.

There’s nothing random in your life. Nothing is an accident.

Your inner state determines the choices that you make, what you subconsciously believe that you are worthy of, and the people that you attract. ☤

When you focus on your Supreme Destiny and choose to move on the path of your soul’s alignment, return again and again to your center…

Choose expansion into your true feminine magnetism, and cultivate greater and greater internal freedom.

Your life will be powerful beyond measure, and also easeful and full of grace.

And from this space… Dharmic relationships get built.

On Thursday during the second call of ♡ Path of the Magnetic Heart Masterclass ♡ we will go into understanding how we, women tend to self-sabotage and completely unconsciously push men away, so the right ones may not even make it into our energetic field.

You can still join us!

Link here.

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