September 19, 2020

We need to have the courage to go into the Underworlds… from where we can extract the nectar of immortality. ⠀

People are either at their worst or at their best right now.⠀

It is not an easy time for all of us. We all are challenged and confronted, continually. ⠀
Many are tense and stressed and they snap at those they love…⠀
Others manage to take these times as an invitation to find an ever deepening space within to rest on…⠀

Beyond everything, the real invitation is to go deep. Go through the fear, through the trauma that may be surfacing… and in that find what’s underneath. ⠀

People who dare to look deeper than the surface in these times will be the light givers to the whole humankind.⠀

The work we do at the Priestess School is dedicated to supporting you in accessing that unshakable stability within.⠀

“Within” means that it is not dependant on ANYTHING external. Anything.⠀

Being completely dedicated to my inner work for the last decade I know that it is only through surrender we can access this deep place within. This place is free from suffering. From need for acknowledgement. From need to be desired. From entitlement. From unworthiness.⠀

The question is: surrender to who? Or what?⠀

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