January 28, 2022

Dharma is such a big concept – it is impossible to grasp with the mind. Yet, the essence of what it means is profoundly embedded into every human being’s Life.

The meaning of Dharma can be summarised as the Divine assignment, the Sacred Duty, the Soul Calling, or – the Supreme Destiny, because that’s where you are headed when you live in profound connection with your Dharma.

Dharma is the cosmic law, that is expressed uniquely through every individual. Dharma is the meeting  of the individual, the collective and the cosmic. Who you are at the very core informs what actions you take to express that… that informs the collective field… that resonates into the entire cosmos… and back.

Fulfilment of Dharma is not possible without surrender to an Intelligence far greater than our self perception.

To live your Dharma means to be in such profound devotion to the Divine that your whole Life becomes an offering.

It means to be in such deep surrender to the Divine will that every your action becomes a prayer. 

The river of Dharma never seizes to flow. Therefore it’s impossible to grasp this concept. We can only experience and express an embodiment of it. You feel when people are in their right place. They exude a sense of naturalness and ease.

The best part of it:

The river of Dharma inevitably leads us into the Ocean of God.

When you surrender to the Divine, you attune to the supreme Nature of Reality. You are carried.

Once I experienced that my Life’s Work was my spiritual practice – not something that took me away from it… my Life changed. I started to see that my craft was my offering and I became completely obsessed with it.

To understand and to master your own unique Service to Love is what brings a profound fulfilment, what brings a sense of sacredness to the entire Life, what makes you feel that you are really living within your Soul.

In Service to Love Training is dedicated to that. ♛

Once you are in… there is no turning back.

It’s a Life-long promise to experience and express the fullness of the Potential of your incarnation.

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