September 17, 2020

Generally my energy is quite contained and unless I choose to open it I can walk through a crowded place almost unnoticed. I have a clear sense of my personal boundaries. I don’t tend to do things merely to please others.⠀


If the person I’m dealing with is not receptive to my energetic No, my verbal No may come across not very sharp. Then, if my verbal No is questioned multiple times and they are being very assertive in their own needs and totally disregarding mine, sooner or later I may give in. ⠀

In 100% of the times I will regret it.⠀

I’ve had many lessons about it. Yet, it’s still not easy. Largely because it is coming from a distortion from my childhood.⠀

So I keep my commitment to my practice: I keep practicing my grounded verbal No. ⠀
Especially I remind myself that “No.” is a complete sentence.⠀

Only one person on this planet knows what is right for me. This person is me. Even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. My heart knows. My body knows. I know. And I always know immediately. No matter how elaborately manipulative is the other person, no matter how hard they push, I won’t push back. ⠀
But I also won’t give in. ⠀

Instead I will stay open – to myself. And from that – everyone benefits.

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