June 9, 2021

While we are in the process of seeking for ourselves we are not yet a match for a Sacred Union.

During this process of search, we are a match for karmic relationships, that through trial and error support the search and ultimately – the discovery.

Sacred union with a Beloved is only possible from a space of profound knowing of ourselves and thus – of freedom. ⠀

≜ True freedom is an internal quality. ≜

Until we know the taste of real freedom we will keep searching. We will keep searching for something external in hope that it will fill in the missing bit in our hearts. ⠀

However as long as we are looking to fill the missing bit, we are unavailable to freedom.

Only when we are free of chains of conditioning, we can recognise that the missing bit in our hearts continually leads us to the Divine. ⠀

≜For it can only be ever filled by the Divine.≜⠀

While we are busy searching we are not able to love.

The search has to end.

Once the search is over, we stabilise in a place of ripeness and we know that: this is me, I am here, I feel, I am fully alive as Life, I know myself, I am no longer looking for myself. ⠀

Then there finally is a space for another. ⠀

From the space of inner ripeness you don’t need to change this person and adapt them to an illusory ideal that is intended to fill in the hole in your heart.

You fully accept them, as they are. ⠀

Only then you will allow your Beloved to enter your inner temple, your holy of hollies. ⠀

Within your temple there is a space for your Beloved to be revealed.

≜This is the magic of a Sacred Union: when we are held in the light of Love of the Union, we are being revealed, in a greater way than we have ever been revealed. ≜

Amen aloha namaste and aho to the Force that has changed destinies, transformed realities and saved lives, that is known under many names, but the most beautiful of those is Love.⠀ ⠀

It is a blessing and a tremendous privilege to serve Love on this planet.

And thus – to serve those who are recognising themselves as Love.

Come, my Love online course is a container for that.

I am delighted to welcome you there. ♡


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