September 22, 2021

Each of us was born with a Gift.
This Gift is at the very core of who we are.
This Gift must unfold into a Vision, or else… our Souls are destined to feel trapped.

Once you tap into that Vision… You can’t help but yearn to figure out how to let that Vision land and take shape.

There are many obstacles along the way: doubts, fear of judgement, comparison, competition, self criticism, scarcity mentality, childhood wounds, ancestral patterns…

But those who are committed to overcome those, over and over again…. Those who have a powerful Vision, hold that vision and consistently act on it… no-matter-what…
Such people are contributing to a much larger picture.

This is something that goes way beyond fulfillment of your personal dreams.

This is something that the world needs right now, desperately.

It needs authentic people, bold enough to stand in their brightness.

It needs powerful heart-centered people to stand up and shine and, and share what we feel, what we know to be true and what we really desire in our hearts.

So many people have that longing to see the world beautiful, to see the world conscious.

I want to see you claim your voice.

There is a million reasons to get discouraged, especially when we feel not seen, not heard and not appreciated…

But once you’ve heard the Song of your own Heart…

You cannot un-hear it.

And that’s a one way road.
Don’t resist it, my love.

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