May 15, 2021

People who are deeply connected to their feminine energy are the people who are deeply connected to the energy of Life. Because in it’s essence that’s what feminine energy is. It is the energy of Life. Which is the energy of Eros.⠀

To be connected means to know (intuitively and/or through practice) how to access, generate and channel that energy. This is very natural for women, but it is also the case for some men. Some women are completely disconnected from this knowledge, but it doesn’t take long for them to remember – through my work I’ve seen this happen to thousands and thousands of women.⠀

It is identical in the case of a homosexual couple — the partner who is more in touch with his feminine carries more Shakti. ⠀

In heterosexual case, in the natural way of an intimate communion the man brings his power to the woman and she reflects it back to him through her o.rgasm.⠀

A woman can consciously open her energetic field to the man, invite him in, hold back nothing, receive him into her womb, hold him and take him on a journey with her. ⠀

It takes willingness from a man to surrender to the Shakti of his woman and let himself go on this journey. With time man learns to feel the subtle ecstatic flow of s.exual energy. As he trains his nervous system to become receptive this initially subtle flow gets converted into divine bliss. As the woman goes into an o.rgasm, the man must remain solid and cantered within himself. He has to remain fully aroused yet not become overwhelmed by the awe-inspiring flow of the universal feminine energy that will build up in his lover and pour down over him. The man has to tune into her and let himself go into her waves of pleasure. ⠀

Through that he opens to experience expanded periods of extended spiritualized orgasm.⠀

– From my bestselling book Liberation into O.rgasm. (Revised version will be available soon!)

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