June 30, 2016

What image do you see when you think of sex?
Maybe it’s all about thrusting, sweating, pumping and humping. Then reaching a peak (hopefully), cuddling a little (maybe), smoking a cigarette and falling asleep.
This is a mainstream view of sex, this is what we learn from movies, porn and other “sexual education sources” available out there.
An orgasm is imagined to be that intensely pleasurable peak few seconds, when you burst and squeeze your body, followed by a release.

What most people associate with sexuality, with eroticism and therefore with orgasm is really only a tiny little fraction of what it really is.

As long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by sex. And somehow I sensed that there is way more to sex than how it’s normally done.
Only when I discovered tantra did I start tapping into the power of the erotic.
I went from experiencing no orgasms at all to being highly orgasmic, and the longer I am on the tantric path, and the deeper I go into exploration of my sexuality, the more profound states of consciousness I experience through opening into my eros.
Also, I realise that there is really no end to the depth of erotic opening. Even though someone may seem totally erotically free, there is always something…

Because essentially what we are opening to is our true Self, it is the Universe, it is a space of no separation, it is God.

Now tune into that compared to that 5 second peak experience of release…
Orgasm can be something like a genital sneeze or it can be something that expands you beyond what any kind of chemical, plant or drug can do to you.
Through orgasmic expansion it is possible to be constantly high on life. It is also possible to be in an orgasmic state of being, when full body orgasms just happen even outside of sexual encounter.
It takes a big mind shift, you see.
I want erotic liberation for this human race.
I want people to be erotically free.
And what it really means is opening up to life.
It means making peace with the fact that we are sexual beings. Sex is what created us, sexual energy created this Universe, it is the fundamental force that moves us all.

Eros is the energy of life. Orgasm is the flower of life.

We need to stop overdefining it and projecting our expectations on what is a good orgasm.
The degree and depth of your orgasm depends on how open you are to life.
I also see a direct correlation between orgasmicness and an individual spiritual progress. The energetic body becomes lighter. The energetic pathways are no longer blocked and the orgasmic energy flows freely through the body.
There is a sense of ascension in this person’s being.

In fact we could always be in a state of orgasm if we were not blocking it!

Why would we block it, you may wonder…
Often it feels like modern life is designed in such a way as to make us disconnect from our erotic and orgasmic nature.
We are surrounded by technology, synthetic materials that don’t allow energy to flow; artificial foods pollute our system and then instead of naturally enjoying pleasure our system needs to work hard to eliminate toxins.
We are unconscious about our food choices. For example not many people know that garlic is an antibiotic and if we take it on regular basis we desensitise our system.
Most people are living in the mode of doing and not in the mode of being.

And the erotic IS about being.

We are also mostly stuck in our heads, thinking, remembering, comparing, planning, strategising… and are completely disconnected from the present moment, and therefore – from life.
And it is only when we are in the now that we can experience pleasure and orgasms. We become aware that the nature of our energy is to flow, the nature of our energy is pleasure.
It’s only when we allow ourselves to sink deeper into each moment that we realise that life is pleasure.
Our energetic body is orgasmic by its nature.

To open up to orgasms we need to open up to Life.

Drop into her embrace, forget about our significance and identity for a moment, and allow ourselves to live… fully.

Art by: ArtonlineGallery

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